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Why your dating game gets better as you get older

Wisdom comes with age, and so do lots of benefits in the dating game. Here are the top 10 reasons why it’s great to date late...

1. You know what you want
When you’re younger, it feels like you have all the time in the world. Especially in dating. What does it matter if they don’t want to settle down yet? What does it matter if you know they never want kids? You go along for the ride, simply because you can. Dating later in life means you tend to make decisions faster, cutting out the time-wasters before you invest any more precious emotions and money.

2. You’re solvent
Material things shouldn’t be important, but it’s impossible not to admit that dating someone who has enough money to at least pay his own rent and own a suit is attractive. Or at least more attractive than dating a student who lives with their mum and wears 10-year-old trainers…

3. It’s hangover free (mostly!)
Sadly, there is no denying hangovers get worse as the years pass. But in terms of dating, this is actually a good thing. Instead of basing all first dates around bars and pubs like you used to, you’re more likely to suggest a nice long walk or a trip to a gallery. Meeting sober means you can see the real person earlier on, instead of wasting time with your beer goggles on.

4. There’s more to talk about
The more you’ve done, the more you have to talk about; it’s simple maths. And it’s inevitable that with an extra few years under your belt, you’re more likely to have travelled to amazing places or done interesting things. Thanks to life experience, the awkward ‘silence on a date experience’ is a thing of the past.
5. You have perspective
After several years of going through break-ups and make-ups, you should have a healthy dose of realism. Not cynicism. Just a bit of perspective on how important it is, in the grand scheme of things, that someone texts back within a day or puts two kisses or one at the end. A few scars on the heart doesn’t make you battle weary, it makes you battle sensible.

6. It’s not a competition

While it’s sometimes tempting to feel jealous if most of your friends are settled down, them being off the market is actually good thing. When you’re younger and everyone is dating, it can become a strange competition of who’s getting the most serious or who’s been taken on the best mini-break. Now, you’re only dating for you – on your terms, at your pace. Enjoy!

7. It’s the inside that counts
When you meet someone a bit later in life, sure, you still want to fancy them. But it’s not the only thing that matters. You realise someone being kind, funny, intelligent and friendly is more important than wearing the latest clothes or having the right hair-cut. It’s not about settling for second best, it’s about seeing what should come first.

8. You throw away the rules
‘The three day texting rule,’ ‘The never go without make-up rule,’ ‘The wait a year before moving in rule’. Finally, you’ve realised all rules are made to be broken. You’ve seen - and experienced - that playing by the book doesn’t necessarily work out, and you’re brave enough to go with your own gut feeling, rather than what other people might say.

9. You can see what they became
In the giddy optimism of youth, it’s very easy for someone to say they’ll achieve great things; and in the giddy optimism of a crush, it’s easy to believe them. With the hindsight of a few years, you can see how someone really did pan out and how much they really did make of their lives. You can finally fall for the person, not the ambition.

10. You only meet the A-list friends
In the nicest way, certain friends tend to fall out of favour as life goes on. You realise friendship isn’t about quantity, it’s about quality. Thankfully, anyone you now date is likely to have realised this too, and instead of being forced to meet every annoying workmate or old college friend, you only have to spend time with the pick of the crop.

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