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How to not let your diet ruin your date

Top tips for managing your weight loss plan and your personal life

With the festive party season just around the corner, many of us will be hoping to shed a few pounds by the time that office Christmas party rolls round.
But for those of us who are dating someone new, sticking to a diet while going for all those romantic dinners can be hard.

Before you know it, you’re indulging in calorific foods, swapping that spinning class for a home-cooked meal at his place and setting yourself further away from your weight-loss goals.
Luckily, there is a way to stay in shape and enjoy those romantic nights out. Simply follow our guide on how to slim, without losing him...

The date: After-work drinks
Drinking can wreak havoc on your waistline, as we all know – but it doesn’t have to completely stop you from hitting the bar for a date.
Avoid sugary drinks like cocktails and alcopops by choosing less-calorific options such as vodka and slimline tonic, mixing every other one with a sparkling water or low-cal soft drink.

The date: A romantic restaurant
Don’t fret the calories you’ll consume on that candlelit dinner by checking out the menu and nutritional information beforehand.  That way you can pick a meal to suit your diet plan before you get there and save him worrying what’s wrong when you’re stressing over the menu.

The date: Try an activity together
Keep your dates fun and varied by suggesting activities you both enjoy. Perhaps head out for a romantic walk or a bike ride where you’ll burn calories and discover an activity you both enjoy.

The date: A home-cooked meal
Invite him over for an intimate, home-cooked meal one evening. It’s a great way to share a bit more about your life with him and enable you to show off your culinary skills – while keeping an eye on your calorie count.

The date: Join a new gym or a workout class together
Join in the trend for weekend bootcamp days or take up a new exercise you’ve been meaning to try for ages with your partner. It’ll be a great way to share a new experience, learn something new and get you in shape for that party dress by Christmas.

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