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How to cope if your partner outshines you

If you fear your partner is better looking than you, don’t worry – let Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and her partner Jason Statham remind you what really matters in a relationship

Jason Statham, he of chiselled jaw, sculpted torso and glassy blue eye, is not an unattractive man. Not by any standards.

That is, of course, until you look at his supermodel girlfriend Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley’s standards.

Since the couple got together three years ago, there has always been a bit of snide gossip: he was too old for her, she wasn’t curvy enough for him (after all, he previously dated Kelly Brook).

But the one criticism that hadn’t really reared its head was that she was quite simply too hot for him – yes, she was a supermodel and he wasn’t, but he was still a successful actor who liked to appear in films looking buff and rugged.

This week though, when she strutted next to him up the red carpet for the premiere of his new film, Hummingbird, all tiny white dress, towering heels and perfectly coiffed hair, our reaction wasn’t just; ‘Doesn’t she look amazing,’ it was; ‘Doesn’t she look infinitely more amazing than him’.

Then probably, because human nature always turns our thoughts about other people back onto ourselves, came the reaction: ‘What if people say the same thing about me and my partner? What if everyone thinks I’m outshone by my partner?’.

The first way to treat these panicked musings is to remember that feeling like you’re not good enough for your partner isn’t much fun, but it is completely normal – particularly if you’re early on in a relationship. In those first throes of blind passion, you think your new love is so unbearably good-looking and wonderful, it’s impossible that any other person could ever match up to them – including yourself.

But you have to then remember that he or she will be thinking exactly the same thing about you (hopefully). In relationships we don’t see some weird ladder of beauty where we choose our partners because they’re a few rungs below us looks-wise, they picked you because they really like you. Simple as that.

Of course, this fact might not stop other people judging which one of you two is the conventionally more attractive one, but it should stop you letting these judgements bother you.

No one ever knows the ins and outs of someone else’s relationships, so even if your partner has better bone structure than you, maybe your smile is more likely to light up a room, or you personality makes you just as attractive. And just because people can’t immediately see these points, it doesn’t mean they are not well and truly there.

And perhaps that’s what Jason reminds himself of when the world starts slating him for not being ‘good enough’ to date Rosie – he might not walk down catwalks, but he does walk through life arm-in-arm with a woman who clearly loves him (regardless of how much more symmetrical her face might be).

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