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How to show your ex what they're missing

We’re not saying you should play a game of one-upmanship with an ex, but having witnessed Jessica Lowndes sexy-snap posting after her split with Thom Evans, it can’t hurt to show them what they are missing either…

There can’t be many of us who haven’t dreamed of that perfect ‘bumping into ex’ moment. You know the one; you’ve lost that (probably imaginary) stone, you’re wearing that nonchalantly cool outfit, you’re mid-joke with that inordinately attractive member of the opposite sex, head thrown back, eyes twinkling, laughing with glee.
Sadly, there also can’t be many of us who’ve actually experienced said moment. Nope, real-life dictates you will actually bump into your ex while shouting at the self-service till in the supermarket, while running late for work, and while your unwashed hair is clamped down by a bobble hat.

But still, it’s not much fun dwelling on that. Cue, back to the dream world of ‘showing your ex what their missing’ and this world’s prime inhabitant, 90210 star Jessica Lowndes. A couple of days ago, after announcing her split from rugby-star-and-Kelly-Brook’s-ex Thom Evans, Jessica decided to Instagram a selfie of her sunbathing in a thong.

A blatant, verging on desperate, message to Thom about what a mistake he’d made? Maybe, say some.

But who cares, say us. She looked incredible and there’s no way her message can’t have got through – at least on some level.

Because yes, a snap of her looking hot and sultry might not actually get the pair back together. They’ve been tight-lipped about reasons for their split, citing the usual ‘long-distance’ issues, so there may well be deeper problems between them that can’t be overcome simply by how attractive they both are.
But aside from the obvious physical benefits, by posting her selfie Jessica is also throwing lots of other ‘take that’ type grenades in Thom’s direction.
She’s proving that she is out having fun instead of sitting on the sofa dwelling and sobbing; she is proving – through how many people commented on the photo – how in demand and how popular she is. She’s also proving she’s not going to wait for Thom to be the first one to move on, and that she’s willing to get back into the game.

Considering how much of her and Thom’s actual relationship – as with most relationships now, famous or not – was played out on Instagram, it’s also a not-so-subtle hint that she is not pining over him, or over what could be seen as ‘their’ way of life.

So what can us mere mortals take from Jessica’s master-class of ‘showing an ex what they are missing’?

Well, first off, be bold and be brave. Yes, you will be hurting after a break-up, but that doesn’t mean running away and licking your wounds in private is the answer. You have to put on a smiling face and go out there and show the world – and yourself – that you won’t be beaten by this. If you ex also happens to get the message, be it seeing snaps of you out and having fun on social media, or by seeing you around town looking groomed and fabulous, then that’s a very nice bonus.

Secondly, don’t be afraid of the past by avoiding things or places that were important to your and your ex. If you suddenly stop going to the bar you love or the gym you used to visit together, and they realise you’re not there, they will think that they have the upper hand in your break-up. Show them they don’t by keeping your routine and hobbies similar to how it was before you split. Just because your missing them from your life, doesn’t mean you have to miss everything you had as a couple.
If all that fails, of course, you could just move to LA, find some personal trainers, and post your own fabulous pool-side selfie…

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