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The ten sexiest nations

Nothing brings countries – and potential partners - together like a good sports tournament. So, now that Euro 2012 has kicked off and with the Olympics just around the corner, we bring you the top ten sexiest nations

10. USA
Ok so let’s forget about George W Bush and fanny packs, and concentrate on the fact that Americans are, on the whole, a friendly and diverse bunch who find our UK accents irresistible.

9. Germany
Not an obvious choice when you think of the world's sexiest nations, but Germany is the birthplace of many gorgeous statuesque types, such as Heidi Klum, Claudia Schiffer and Diane Kruger. Germany is famed for its tasty sausages, and its countrymen are good with their money too. What's sexier than that?

8. Spain
This hot-blooded nation holds the World Cup title, the Spanish love to sing and dance, and with their miles of beaches and hot weather, there’s always an excuse for a Spaniard to wear very, very little. Ole!

7. Italy
Forza Italia! Their footballers (Costacurta, Kaka, Cannavaro...) are worthy of a Leonardo Da Vinci’s anatomical diagram. Add to that all that great wine, food and culture, and there’s a ticket to one hot date!

6. India
This is the country which gave us yoga, the Kama Sutra and Frieda Pinto. We rest our case.

5. Mexico
These hot tamales are as fiery as a furnace: they’ll romance you with some Mariachi music, down tequila then take you dancing ’til the early hours, and who wouldn’t want to party with the likes of Salma Hayek and Gael Garcia Bernal?

4. Australia

Full of fit beach hunks and babes, there’s a reason we all grew up addicted to Aussie soaps like Neighbours and Home And Away. We’d travel to the other side of the world to check out the action Down Under!

3. Great Britain
Ok, so the rest of the world might not agree, but we think we should rank third at least. Why? Because we’re charming, well dressed and boast the likes of David Beckham and Victoria Pendleton among our best athletes.

2. France
Admit it, everything sounds so much sexier if said in a French accent. Plus their capital is the city of love and they practically invented romance. It’s a ‘oui’ from us, merci.

1. Brazil
So sexy that there’s even a bikini line wax named after it - Brazil has to come top of our list. Birthplace of the goddess Gisele Bunchen, the nation has lovely nuts to boot!

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