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Gary and Joanna they met

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In their own words

How long where you a member of & how many dates did you go on before you met your partner?

Joanna: I was a member for approximately 4 weeks when I met Gary, he was the second person I met. (I had several 3 month memberships over a 2 year period before and I went on a few dates but never met 'the one' until Gary.)
Gary: I was a member of for just a few weeks before I met Jo, she was the first person I met although I corresponded with a few ladies on the site until I found one that I clicked with enough to want to meet.

How did the first date go?

Joanna: It was nervous, because I liked him on sight, more nervous than previous dates. It was lovely as Gary had taken the effort to book a table at a restaurant. It showed me he was serious.
Gary: Obviously quite well as we are still together although I did think I had blown it as I was quite nervous, but Jo is a person who you can talk to easily and we managed to talk for hours without any of those awkward gaps in the conversation where you are both struggling to think of something to say...

What do you have planned for the future?

Joanna: We moved in together within 3 months of meeting, we've been skiing in France, to Rhodes, and am planning a trip to Hong Kong & Singapore later this year.
Gary: We have booked up to go to Spain later this year with my two teenage daughters and also planning on a trip to Hong Kong/ Singapore later in the year to watch a bit of F1 racing, oh and I suppose a bit of sightseeing too!

Gary and Joanna


Age: 42
Area: Hampshire


Age: 41
Area: Hampshire

Questions for the couple

Questions for her:

What first attracted you to Gary?

His sense of humour in emails and his kind nature.

Questions for him:

What first attracted you to Jo?

Jo's profile was well written, interesting enough to be able to strike up a conversation through emails etc. and although a bit of a cliché we had a good “match” plus it might have had something to do with her looks :o)