A bit about me first of all. I’m 30 years old, currently single, have a 10 year old son (who lives with his mum but whom I see him every other weekend) and I’m just about to start a new career. My name is Martin but most of my family call me Ginge or G for obvious reasons (although I’m not a full-on carrot top by any stretch of the imagination!)
I’ve been single now for a couple of years and have been pretty lazy when it comes to getting back into the dating game. However, I’ve made some changes in my life over the last few months and I’ve started to make a conscious effort to start dating and see where that leads.
I thought I’d start a blog about my experiences, mainly because it helps me to write stuff down, but also others might find it useful/entertaining/ or even just a way for share their experiences.
A couple of weeks ago I signed up to match.com, filled in all the necessary information and then sat back and waited for the e-mails to start rolling in. Unfortunately that didn’t quite happen and I began to realise I actually needed to put some time and effort into the site in order to see the benefits.
One day a lovely Irish girl got in touch and we spent a week or so messaging each other before deciding to meet up for a date. Now this was my first date of over 2 years so I was obviously very nervous. I decided to book the best restaurant in town, at least that way if the date went terribly we’d both get to enjoy a good meal! I ensured I arrived in plenty of time so I could familiarise myself with the place and get a quick drink before my date arrived. When she did arrive, she looked stunning and I remarked to that effect and we grabbed a drink at the bar and chatted for about half an hour before moving onto the restaurant.
To cut a long story short, the meal was fantastic; we shared stories, had a few laughs and spent the best part of 4 hours together before eventually parting with a kiss on the cheek. Neither of us got drunk, we shared a couple of drinks but we were both sensible enough to know that we needed to stay relatively sober in order to form an accurate opinion of each.
The next day arrived and I sent a text early afternoon to say I had a great time and that she looked great. I didn’t ask any questions, just left it pretty brief. That evening I got a reply saying thanks for the message and that she also had a great time. I decided not to reply straight away so left it until the following afternoon. The next day arrives (2 days after date) and I decided to drop her a text. I remembered that she had planned to go to a particular concert the previous night so I asked her how that went and also if she fancied meeting up again some time. A reply came through a few hours later, with no mention of the questions I asked in the previous text and asking if I was having a good weekend. I replied with a nice message, without mentioning the fact that she hadn’t answered my questions, to which she replied again with another nice message but again no answer to earlier questions.
Which leaves me where I am now, sat in front of my computer wondering what to do next? Do I text again asking if she wants to meet up? Do I text her again with just a casual “how are you?” text? Do I just forget about it and see if she texts me? Did she even get the text in the first place? Jeez, I wish I knew.
Looking back on the last couple of days part of me wishes I hadn’t even bothered going on the date in the first place as I’ve spent so much time over thinking and analysing every text, everything I said on the date, wondering if I could have done anything differently. Then another part of me says “hey dude, chill, it was just a date, if anything comes of it great, if not, move on, keep looking and have fun”.
So I think I’m going to listen to the sensible me and stop dwelling on it, keep looking and have fun.

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