Let’s let ourselves be a little bit smug just once – being in love is fabulous, isn’t it? And here are some reasons why…

1. Sofa so good
That sofa may be made for three people sitting up straight but it’s so much more comfortable when it’s for two people draped over each other, with chests for cushions and thighs for arm rests.

2. All ears
You know the blow-by-blow account of your ongoing spat with your boss is deathly dull, but that doesn’t stop you wanting to relay it in minute detail to the one person who has to listen – your partner. The beauty with this is that when there’s a new development your partner is already up to speed in a way your friends and family are not.

3. The feeling
Being in love can be a physical state and every time you’re reminded of how amazing your partner is and how he or she thinks you’re amazing too, it makes you feel like your walking on air.

4. Softening the blow
Life can be hard, throwing up all sorts of worries and challenges to get you down. But when there’s someone to share the burden, make you tea, and distract you with their ‘hilarious’ jokes, nothing ever seems quite as bad.

5. Love is sweet
When you’ve already emptied the bread basket and stuffed your face with starters, mains and sides, you know there’s no need for pudding. But when there are two of you, you may as well try one of the amazing deserts – sharing isn’t nearly as bad as having one all to yourself, is it?

6. Eternal sleepover
Remember when you were at school and the highlight of your week was staying the night at a friend’s house? The best bit was always when you stayed up so late giggling that your mate’s mum had to give you a ticking off? Well, that’s what it’s like every night when you have someone to cosy up to – but this time there’s no one to tell you off!

7. Double the fun
Sharing your life with someone means sharing friends, family – and wardrobes! So that means there’s double the amount of dinners, parties, love and support than when you’re single, plus a hat collection you can raid when you need to!

8. Sharing’s caring
You may hate the fact you have to be among the first to leave the party as your partner has an early start, or that you never get to eat Chinese any more as it’s only you who likes it, but your compromises mean you’re sharing your life with someone – which is miles better than having to ask for a table for one at your local Chinese.

9. Better off with you
You are most probably better off financially in a couple. You can share the cost of food, rent, hotel rooms and petrol, you can take turns buying the best new albums or DVDs, and your partner can cushion the blow if you ever fall on hard times.

10. Live-in nurse
Being in a relationship really comes into its own when you’re ill, and your partner takes the time to cook up chicken soup, do the chemist runs, and change the DVD when you’re too weak to get up.