Has your date got your mates’ approval?
As much as you pretend it doesn’t matter what your friends think of your new squeeze, deep down you know it does. After all, these are the people who know you better than anyone! Here are ten signs that show they’re not your partner’s biggest fan…

No ‘plus ones’
When your ex was around, partners were always invited. But now, your mates keep organising girls’/boy’s nights out, meaning your new partner is left out of the gang. And when you ask if he/she can come along to certain events, they claim the film’s sold out, or there’s only a table for six available…

Frozen out
Even worse – you find out you’re not being invited out! When you confront your friends, a likely excuse will be that they thought you’d want to spend alone time with your new squeeze. Chances are, the real reason they didn’t tell you is that they’d rather sacrifice time spent with you than have to socialise with your new partner. Eek!

Do your mates consistently mention your ex and how much they liked them? Do they compare them to your new partner, with the latter generally coming worse off? You might even discover that your friends still keep in touch with your old flame. This kind of ‘ex-adulation’ is a warning sign that they don’t think much of your present partner.

Other singles
If your mates start telling you about hot, single friends they know and how much they think you’d get along, it’s likely that, in their opinion, you could do better than your current choice.

Juicy details
When it comes to new relationships, your mates are usually gagging to know the juicy bits, being satisfied with nothing less than a blow-by-blow account of you and your new partner’s romantic progress. This time, however, it’s you who has to bring up the subject and your friends don’t seem half as interested as usual.

If, when your friends do give you a chance to talk about your new flame, you notice that their opinions generally err on the negative, it’s likely that they’re not big fans.  Their comments might not be overtly negative, but you certainly won’t be feeling any positive vibes from them. Similarly, if you happen to mention anything negative, they’ll leap on it and maybe even suggest you end things.

Don’t know, don’t care
Do you find that your friends don’t make an effort to get to know your new partner? Is they avoided at social events or, if a conversation does happen, does it end up being your partner asking all the questions and getting stonewalled by one word replies from your mates? This behaviour is a strong indication that your friends aren’t keen on your other half, and probably don’t think the relationship will last.

Booked up
Usually, you can’t stop your friends inviting themselves to yours for dinner, or to watch a film. If they rarely come round nowadays, chances are, they’re worried that your new partner will be there. Similarly, if they’re always busy when you plan a dinner date, alarm bells should ring.

Quite often at the start of a relationship, your mates will tease you no end that your new partner is ‘the one’ and it’ll be marriage and babies next. If the jokes are thin on the ground this time round, it’s likely they don’t think your new partner’s a keeper.

Secret silence
You know your friends inside and out, so any changes in their behaviour towards you could be a warning sign that your new partner is causing a rift. If you notice that conversation stops when you enter the room, or that your friends seem to be hiding their emotions, something’s definitely wrong.