10 surprising signs that they’re interested

Look out for these secret signs they’re into you.

Convinced they don’t fancy you? Don’t be so sure. When it comes to flirting, things often aren’t quite what they seem. Look out for these secret signs they’re into you.

1. They ignore you

Infatuation makes people to do the strangest things. Often the complete opposite of what’s expected, so if they turn up somewhere you are and then spend the whole time studiously ignoring you, it might just be that they’re interested but are so worried and nervous about making a fool of themselves in front of you that they keep their distance. It’s up to you to approach them, make some small talk and coax them out of their shyness.

2. They make fun of you

This one harks back to school days when all you had to do to get the attention of a member of the opposite sex was to tease them mercilessly. It’s actually a clever way to disguise their interest because it’s safer than a direct approach and protects from outright rejection. Plus it gives them a chance to impress you with their wit. As long as they’re not being down right rude, there’s a strong chance they’re up for more than just teasing – especially if it seems as though you’re the butt of a disproportionately high number of their jokes.

3. They suggest going Dutch

So you find yourself out for dinner with them but you’re not sure if it’s a date. To further confuse matters, they suggest splitting the bill. Surely that places you firmly in the friend zone. If they fancied you they’d pay right? Wrong. Often when someone’s interested in you they’re extra cautious about seeming over keen. Offering to split the bill doesn’t make them tight, it actually shows respect as they’re not trying to buy their way into your affections.

4. They pretend they don’t remember you

You clearly recall meeting them a few weeks ago at a party, but they claim to have no memory of it now. Interesting. It’s more than likely they’re playing it cool and don’t want you to know what a strong impression you made on them. The truth is they’ve been reliving your encounter over and over in their head and can’t stop thinking about you.

5. They won’t look you in the eye

This one’s a form of self-defence borne out of shyness. They naively (and rather sweetly) think they’ll be able to conceal their feelings for you by avoiding eye-contact. They’re probably also worried about embarrassing themselves by blushing bright red when they lay eyes on you. Try your best to put them at their ease by smiling and placing a reassuring hand on their arm.

6. They puff out their chest

This is a subtle subconscious signal that’s not always easy to spot, but it’s a scientific fact that both men and women alter their posture when they’re around someone they fancy. Men draw their shoulders back and puff out their chests slightly to make themselves appear broader and taller, whilst women arch their backs slightly and also draw their shoulders back to show off their womanly assets.

7. They pay special attention to your best friend

Don’t write them off because they seem to be getting a bit flirty with your best mate. There’s every chance they’re just doing some subtle research about you. And what better way to impress you than by impressing your best friend. If your mate gives them a good write-up they’re bound to be in a better chance with you. It’s a very smart move.

8. They’ve got verbal diarrhoea

If they start babbling absolute jibberish at a hundred miles an hour whenever you’re around, you can be pretty certain that it’s brought on by the sheer awesomeness of you. Don’t worry, they wish they could get a hold of their nerves and stop spouting whatever comes into their head too, but it’s completely out of their control. Don’t hold it against them. It’s actually quite flattering.

9. They call you to whinge about their lovelife – or lack of it

That’s a surely a sign you’re just good mates isn’t it? Well, no actually. The desire to call you up and just chat demonstrates you’re on their mind even if they are phoning to dissect a bad date. And don’t be fooled by all the moaning about not having found the right guy or girl – what they’re really doing is showing off that they got asked out and are deemed desirable. They want you to sit up and take notice – maybe even get a bit jealous.

10. They get your name wrong

Classic move here. They’re trying to throw you off the scent that they’re interested by accidentally on purpose calling you the wrong name. Yes it’s a bit lame, but they’re just employing the old ‘treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen’ technique. And guess what? It’s working.