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12 Date Ideas for Christian Dating

12 Date Ideas for Christian Dating

When my fiancé was my boyfriend, he texted me that he had a surprise waiting; four hours in the making. My heart raced as I drove over to see him, and the surprise. I arrived at his flat and he handed me fifty envelopes filled with date ideas. That afternoon, he had brainstormed fifty dates, wrote them on index cards and sealed them into envelopes.

Any time we want a spontaneous date night (that is also semi-planned), we open an envelope. He wrote the times on the front of the envelope when this particular date was possible. For example, some breakfast spots close at certain times or museums have specific opening hours.


What a sweet gesture! If you are looking for a gift idea to surprise your significant other, create a date bucket list. If you need some date ideas to start your list, check out the ones below:

1. Game night. Do you have a favourite card game? My fiancé and I love playing 500 rummy. We also love to have another couple over for a double date to play Pictionary. Buy some snacks and a few games and spend the night enjoying each other’s company.

2. Go rollerblading or ice skating. When was the last time you slid around? You’re never too old to dress up in decades old clothes and hit the park or rink.

3. Paint pottery. If you’ve never painted pottery, you have to try this! We’ve been a couple times and we always have a blast. Grab a mug for the both of you and paint each other a piece of drinkable art.

4. Go to the gym. Sign up for a fitness class together at the gym. Couples that workout together, stay together.

5. Prepare for, and run, a 10k or half marathon. Begin training when you open the envelope. This is a great way to learn about your mate’s discipline, endurance and willpower (remember it’s the taking part that counts!).

6. Study date. Spend the day at the library or a communal workspace. Buy a coffee and do work together. This is a great way to change up the scenery, get out of the house, and go someplace different.

7. Puzzle. I know this sounds like an evening for grandma, but I’ve had some of the best conversations while puzzling. Puzzling doesn’t require much thinking, so it provides a great space for you and your date to chat. I even have a puzzle table at my flat!

8. Explore your city. Google things to do in your hometown and check out what’s happening near you. I’ve found art festivals, free open-air movie nights, and carnivals. I love getting involved with my city and finding the cool new places to visit.

9. Open mic night. We found a little cafe near us that holds a monthly open mic night. The talent is unpredictable, but that’s part of why it’s so fun. Every time we go, a highlight is the same woman singing songs about random objects. Laugh along and get to know your partner’s sense of humour.

10. Attend a sporting event. Find out what sport is in season, don your team’s colours, and get out and start cheering. My fiancé loves football. We try to attend a game every season. He goes for the goals, and I go to support him. Whatever the motives, I still have fun spending the day with my mate.

11. Beach day (weather permitting). Bring your towel and a book, and simply relax by the water. If the beach is a little far, find a pretty lake, river or reservoir near you. Beach days are stress relievers and great places to play; be sure to bring a frisbee or a volleyball along.

12. Listen to live music. Get some food, sit at the bar and enjoy the music. You might even have the chance to get up and dance. Have a blast watching each other learn to salsa, two step, swing, or whatever dance style you prefer.

Happy dating!


Joy is a recent college grad who experienced Jesus’s love and pursuit her first year of college and surrendered her life to him. She often blogs about Christian dating, contentment in singleness, and freedom from sexual abuse. She hopes to help you: Experience Jesus. Experience His joy. Experience His freedom.

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