We know your game! You thought you weren’t bothered about Valentine’s Day. And you told the person you’re dating that you didn’t want to do anything to celebrate – after all it’s just a day like any other, right? But now you’re starting to think maybe it would be fun to have a little love-celebration after all.

But you’ve left it late, and you’re struggling to come up with the goods. However, you’re in luck: we’ve come up with 12 last-minute Valentine’s date ideas. Read and be inspired!

1. Create delicious cocktails at home together.

Nip out to the supermarket and pick up the ingredients for your favourite cocktails. Don’t forget a shaker set if you need one. There’s nothing more satisfying than getting tipsy together on your own creations. Be sure to throw together some original concoctions too!

2. Enjoy a candle-lit takeaway.

You heard us right. Put on your glad rags – or stay in those ultra comfy joggers – and order in your guilty-favourite-dishes that you wish you could have every night. The most important part is to light the candles for some tongue-in-cheek, last-minute romance.

3. Watch the sunset together.

Sunset will be at 5:13pm on V-day, so catch it straight after work, or wait for the stars. Wrap up warm and head to higher ground – we suggest somewhere like Primrose Hill in London or Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh; any classic romantic spot. Share a tipple and cosy up together while you watch the lights twinkle.

4. Have an at-home spa experience.

You’re just minutes away from launching your very own spa experience! Give your bathroom a sparkling scrub down then stock up on bath bombs, salts and oils, create a romantic playlist and get the champagne ready to pour. If you’re feeling particularly inspired, artfully place flowers and petals and get ready to meet your Valentine.

5. Go to a trendy food market.

The beauty of food markets is twofold: you don’t have to book a table and you can try out all the latest street food in one place! You’ll have a decent chance of nabbing a table without having to book in advance. We recommend Flat Iron Square if you’re in London.

6. Find a cosy corner in the pub.

Why not go to a classic boozer and bond over a few pints and some peanuts? You’re bound to find a cosy corner to wile away a few hours and get a bit merry together. You could even indulge in some traditional pub fare and play a game of pool or darts!

7. Go to a museum or art gallery.

Fancy getting intellectual? A couple of London’s best spots are open late on Thursday so you can pop along after work. No need to book ahead! Head to the Whitechapel Gallery for a dose of culture, or to the Wellcome Collection in Euston for a mixture of art and science, perfect for the “incurably curious”. Both museums have free entry.

8. Cook for your date.

This can be a risky option, depending on your level of cooking skill. Even if you can’t make much beyond a spaghetti bolognese, your date is bound to appreciate all the effort you go to for them. Just make sure you check if there’s anything they don’t eat before you rustle up a 5 course mushroom-based meal only to find out that they can’t stand fungi.

9. Play crazy golf.

Most crazy golf venues have spaces allocated for walk-ins, so don’t worry if you haven’t booked in advance. At Junkyard Golf (London, Manchester, Oxford and Leeds) and Swingers (London) walk-ins are welcome! Spark your competitive spirit and bond over the hilarity/frustration of missing the hole 3 times in a row from putting distance.

10. Go bowling.

Stretch your muscles and challenge your date to a game. Order a couple of slushies and see if you can strike it lucky! Don’t forget to have a go on the arcade machines and try and keep up with the dance mat.

11. Go for a good, old fashioned walk.

A walk is a great way to get to know each other better and of course it’s 100% free! Whether you prefer to wander through bustling city streets or scenic landscapes, simply head off and see where your legs take you. Make sure you don’t forget your gloves and hat with that February chill in the air! You can always nip into a bar or cafe if you get cold.

12. Have a movie night at your place.

If you’re a film fiend but all the cinemas are booked up on Valentine’s Day, the perfect solution is to host movie night at yours. Either browse Netflix or download any films you want to watch, and don’t forget to get the snacks and drinks in. You’ll save a bomb and the two of you will have full control over the schedule.

13. BONUS if you’re a Londoner – take the Emirates Cable Car.

You can use your Oyster or contactless card to cross the river in style with the cable car, giving you a unique perspective to gaze at London’s twinkling lights. Trips after 7pm are extended to last 12-13 minutes each way and don’t cost any extra, so you’ll have even more time to admire the skyline and enjoy each other’s company.

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