13 Free Dating Ideas you’ll be desperate to try

1) People Watching Bingo

Spotted a handlebar moustache or handbag pup? First to score bingo gets to decide where the date goes next…

2) Play Snapchat hide and Seek

Rekindle childhood memories with the free to install Snapchat app for an effortlessly fun game of hide and seek. Snapchat is a free app that allows users to send short videos to their friends. The best bit? Videos can only be viewed ONCE meaning that once your friend has opened your video, they can never re-watch it. Get lost in game of hide of seek by using the app to reveal short video-clip clues of where you are hiding. Your date must decipher the clue in the moment or risk being outplayed! Best played in a busy market with lots of reference points and people to hide among.

3) Fly a kite

No we’re not being rude, we really mean it. Fly a kite for a wholesome free date in the great outdoors.

4) Bring the cinema to your house

Put the effort in to get this right for a magical cost-free date night in. Make movie tickets to give your date and tear them when they enter the living room so they have a stub to savour. Use a torch to show them to their seat, and supply tasty treats for a special screening á la maison.

6) Sandcastle building contest

With pop-up urban beaches such as Beach East in Stratford this summer, you don’t have to live by the seaside to get on board with a serious sandcastle competition.

8) Geo-caching

Get that lost ark feeling and download the free geocache app for a fun day hunting down treasure in the great outdoors.

9) Ready steady cook

Have a cook-off and see who can cook up the best meal using only the food in the fridge and cupboard. Get a housemate or friend over to judge your dish and dig in for free dinner date.

10) Be a tourist

See your city from a new perspective with the excitement of discovering the tourist traps for the first time. Fanny packs/bumbags optional.


11) Forage for food

There’s a world of nature out there just waiting to be picked! Why not try picking your own elderflower berries to make elderflower cordial or nettles for a nettle soup? Free food and a free date!

12) Play exquisite corpse

Decide on a rule e.g. 5 syllables per line or noun/adjective/verb sequence to create a collaborative, free and creative piece of poetry by taking turns to write a line of a poem without peeking at the line before.


13) Take the Arthur Aron test

Ready for love? Psychologist Arthur Aron believes love can blossom from 36 honestly answered little questions you and the person you met on dating sites get to know each other over. Snuggle in and get to know each other.