Since hitting our TV screens in 2003 with Derren Brown Live, he’s been one of the UK’s best known illusionists, and the subject of much attraction from men and women alike.

However, Derren doesn’t court publicity and little was known about his love life before he revealed that he was gay in a 2007, after meeting partner Marc Hagan Guirey. On Marc he says:
“I spent a lot of time thinking about me and working on what I wanted to be… In some ways, it’s bad because you come into a relationship quite late without a lot of experience and you have a lot to learn. But that can also be exciting. Certainly, it’s lovely to have somebody love you and it’s lovely to love someone else.”

If that hasn’t already won you over, here’s 13 other reasons why we’d love to date Derren Brown…

1. He’s a talented performer

Derren Brown’s last tour in 2013 received exceptional reviews. The Daily Mail wrote that “it is on the stage that he really comes alive”, while Andrew Tomlins, editor at West End Frame, was astounded at his skill: “I am still shaking my head in disbelief”. With such admiration for his talent, we would be fools not to fall for him too.

2. There’s something sexy about him…

He might not be Brad Pitt in the looks department, but there’s something undeniably fanciable about Derren. His charismatic presence and rugged appearance, combined with some excellent suits puts him firmly on our gaydar.

3. He’s smart and dedicated to his craft

Practicing and perfecting tricks takes skill and dedication, and Derren is also an intellect. He read German and Law at Bristol University and it was there where he watched a hypnotist show by Martin S. Taylor which inspired him to turn to illusion and hypnosis as a career. His success is down to his unique blend of magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship.

4. He has a warm heart

In an interview in the Metro in 2013, Derren showed great humility saying: “As you grow up, you realise that being impressive is not actually an important thing. Being nice, open and kind, they’re the things I warm to in people. So the TV shows have become less about “Hey look at me, I can do this,” and more about me facilitating things for others”. You really can’t ask for more than that.

5. He’s a skilled painter

When he’s not messing with the minds of our nation, Derren is working his magic with a paintbrush. He specialises in painting celebrities, specifically acrylic celebrity caricatures. You can buy prints of his work or his Portraits book which is a collection of all his works.

6. He keeps a pet parrot

“I’m a big fan of parrots – I think they’re fascinating creatures. Many of them live for longer than us humans and it’s interesting to me the way they learn to mimic human voices even though they don’t really comprehend what they’re saying.” Derren kept pet parrot, Figaro, for ten years before giving him to The National Parrot Sanctuary, where he is now a patron. He’s also kept three other parrots; Siegfried the Conure, Mephisto the Senegal and Rasputin, a Blue Quaker.

7. He has to sleep in a cold room

Derren apparently hates sleeping in a hot room, so your bedroom would have to be a cool temperature. Although this might appear to be a reason not to date him, we foresee a large amount of necessary cuddling and snuggles to keep warm.

8. He’s an optimist

Derren Brown was bullied at school but he has taken this experience and turned it into a positive to help other people. During his show Infamous, Derren shared some truly inspiration worlds with the audience about his experience: “Although at points in life other people will make you feel like it the worst thing in the world to be different and stand out. But remind yourself that you are amazing and be proud”.

9. You don’t have to worry about him gambling away his fortune

He’d be the perfect poker player, but unfortunately he won’t be joining the table any time soon. Derren Brown is reportedly banned from every casino in the UK, but he could always help you win the lottery…

10. He’s an inspiration for road safety

Derren demonstrated in one of his stage shows that if you are distracted by counting you don’t notice a huge gorilla at the edge of the screen. This idea was used in the Mayor of London 2008 awareness campaign advert that highlighted the need for motorists to lookout for cyclists. Derren, you’re our hero.

11. You’d never be short of a holiday read

Not only does he perform magic, but he writes about it as well. His most famous book Tricks of the Mind takes you on a journey into the structure of the psychology of magic. You’ll get an insight into some secrets behind his craft, what makes him tick, and at the very least you’ll discover the reasons why he grew his beard.

12. You wouldn’t suffer a broken heart if you broke up

With his powerful skills to meld our minds, Derren could surely wipe all memory of your time together so you’ll have no recollection of your heart being broken. Derren who?

13. He occasionally rocks a beard

No further explanations necessary.

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