17 Celebs we’re #MentallyDating

Forget going out on Valentine’s Day; dinner's overpriced, restaurants are packed, and PDA’s are rife – not our cup of tea.

We’re staying in this Valentine’s Day, #MentallyDating our favourite celebrities..

Jared Leto

Requiem for a Dream actor and lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars, Jared Leto is a edgy and cool (but he still takes his mum to his film premiers!)



Penelope Cruz

Starring alongside Scarlett Johansson in Vicky Christina Barcelona, Cruz is a Spanish beauty.





Robert Pattinson

Best known for his role as Edward from the Twilight series, this silvery skinned vampire gets our pulses racing.

N.B – love bites to be avoided.






The President of the United States is intelligent, confident and undeniably powerful. Also, you’d never have to fly with a budget airline again… #AirforceOne






Day dreaming about Beyoncé is something that most girls are familiar with, she’s a strong and empowering woman with a knock-out figure.

Her newly released video album has made us want to mentally date her even more. We can dance like that too, can’t we?





David Gandy

D&G model and ex-boyfriend of the lovely Molly King, the chiselled physique of this Essex boy makes him the epitome of manliness.





Zooey Deschanel

Best known for TV show New Girl and the film 500 Days of Summer, she’s quirky, smart, and knows how to make us laugh – what more could you want?





Bradley Cooper

What’s better than Bradley Cooper? Bradley Cooper with a tub of ice-cream, of course. After those Haagen-Dazs adverts, we’re melting!





Toby Maguire

Widely known for playing Spider-Man, this American actor and film producer has had a long career in the spotlight…but it was the up-side down kiss that got us.





Scarlett Johansson

Sultry and adventurous in Vicky Christina Barcelona, this blonde bombshell is in our opinion one of the sexiest women around.

She’s also got a secret piercing… in her nose.





Henry Cavill

Continuing the superhero theme, this new boy on the block has shot to fame playing Clark Kent in the 2013 film Man of Steel.

Move over Lois Lane, Kal-El’s ours.





One Direction

It’s a bit of a cheat to have a whole boy band, but the discussion on which is the best One D member got pretty heated.

(Obviously we think it’s Zane…)





Idris Elba

Multi-talented actor, producer, singer and rapper Idris Elba recently wowed us playing Mandela in the biopic Long Walk to Freedom.

By the way, his DJ name is DJ Big Driis. Awesome.





Zoe Saldana

Cool and confident with deep brown eyes, the star of Avatar even manages to remain beautiful when she’s a blue alien! #Winning





Dermot O’Leary

This cheeky chap regularly donates his time to support charitable causes and is one of the main reasons to tune into X Factor.

He recently married his long-term partner (pictured above), so regrettably we can only mentally date him.





Emma Stone

Witty, goofy, and honest, Emma Stone is the ultimate boy’s girl, but we also want her as our best mate. Who wouldn’t want to go to the pub with her?





Ryan Gosling

He swept us off our feet playing the romantic Noah in the 2004 flick The Notebook. Since then he has gone on to play a variety of roles, from rugged bad boy racer in Drive to sleek and stylish dating guru in Crazy, Stupid, Love.

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