Say goodbye to awkward silences forever
If dates leave you tongue-tied, these conversation starters are bound to keep the conversation flowing…

Put a twist on the usual ‘What’s your favourite film?’ question and ask your date about the worst film they’ve ever seen. Similarly, you could quiz them about their movie guilty pleasures, their favourite cinema and what the first 18 film they saw was.

Finding out you like the same music can be the perfect excuse to suggest another date. Realising you don’t can still lead to some fun debates, though! You can also ask them about the first gig they went to, and which band they would be in if they could choose.

Dream dinner party
An old’un but a good’un – ask your date who they’d invite – dead or alive – to their dream dinner party. If you think they’re naming people just to impress you, call their bluff and tell them to share who they’d really like to dine with.

Finding out about what your date is scared of is a brilliant way to trigger anecdotes and interesting insights. Plus, if one of you is scared of spiders and the other quite likes them, you could be the perfect match!

Find out your date’s culinary turn-ons and pet hates, and impress them by suggesting a quirky restaurant that caters to their tastes when you next meet.

People watch
Invent amusing stories together about the people around you. Use your imagination; the more outrageous your ideas, the more you’ll make your date laugh.

Talking about each other’s siblings and other relatives can sometimes be easier than talking just about yourselves. You can also find out if you have similar family values – a key indicator of a relationship’s lasting power.

If you’ve recently been trekking in the Himalayas or white-water rafting over Victoria Falls, be sure to mention it. If your last holiday wasn’t all that exotic, get your date to suggest where to venture for your next trip. Who knows, you might end up going together!

Time travel
Alternatively, you could both imagine when you would travel to in the past if you could hop in a time machine. If your date’s a sci-fi aficionado or history buff, this topic should please them no end!

Instead of merely talking about each other’s line of work, why not ask what your date’s dream job would be? It’ll save putting a downer on the conversation if you realise they hate their real job.

Opposite sex
Asking what your date would do if they could be a member of the opposite sex for a day might give you an insight into what baffles them about men and women.

You could start this topic by asking what your date wanted to be when they were six years old. If you’re roughly the same age, you might end up reminiscing about all those kids’ TV programmes you used to love.

Talking about your childhood cartoon heroes could smoothly lead on to a lively debate about what superpowers you’d want to possess and why.

Free time
Discussing what you like to do when you’re not working or how you would spend your ideal weekend is a brilliant way to get to know more about each other.

Secret talent
Many people possess a secret (and often funny) party trick, such as standing on their head or juggling. Ask your date if they have any and, if the evening goes well, say you’d love them to perform it the next time you meet!

Break the ice by making a joke about your situation. If you’re fretting about ordering in a restaurant, for example, you could say: ‘I never know whether to order the wine. It could come across as smooth and sophisticated, or make me look like an utter plonker. What do you think?’

Would you rather…?
This party game works if you can think up creative alternatives where there’s no easy answer. The scenarios can be as deep or as silly as you like.

The news
Tell your date about an interesting article you read in the paper. Keeping abreast of current affairs is always advisable, as they might not be too impressed if you’re clueless about a story they bring up!

If the news chat was too depressing, asking your date what they’d do if they won the lottery will result in entertaining daydreaming that’s sure to lift the mood.

Your date
Compliment your date, for instance, on an item of their clothing. This could not only end up in a lively sartorial discussion, but will also be sure to make them feel good!