The arrival of British Summer Time means one more hour of daylight to help you find your perfect partner

1. It’s warm and light so there’s no excuse not to sign up for an evening activity in the park. Maybe there’s a match for you in the Tai Chi, running or circuit training classes – and you’ll get fit to boot.

2. Why not organise a staff rounders game after work? It’ll be a great way to speak to that person you’ve had your eye on, either on the pitch or over a post-game drink in the pub.

3. Instead of heading straight for the couch and telly when you get home after work, throw open your windows and register for an online dating site like If you’re already a member, get browsing and decide that you’ll be the one to make the first move on any singles that interest you!

4. If the weather’s good, meet some friends for a sundowner cocktail in the park. You could each bring different mixers and make your own concoctions. There’s bound to be enough left over for any attractive onlookers you might care to invite along.

5. Why not try your hand at Frisbee? A wayward throw – intentional or otherwise – might be the excuse you need to get chatting to an attractive park-goer.

6. Take a different route home or, if you use public transport, walk part of the way whilst it’s still light. You never know, your ideal partner might be sitting in the window of a tucked away café on the way.

7. Start a new hobby that makes the most of  the daylight, such as photography. Your future half could be on the same course, just waiting to be snapped up!

8. Channel the European in you and enjoy an aperitif in an al fresco café. Even if you’re on your own, donning a pair of sunglasses and reading a classic French novel will make you seem irresistibly mysterious to any singles nearby.

9. Put your garden to good use and plan an evening barbecue. Invite your mates on the proviso that they must each bring a single friend with them. Then, impress potential matches with your incredible burger-flipping skills!

10. If you don’t have a garden, why not get an allotment? Enjoy becoming more green-fingered while also meeting new and interesting people who love the great outdoors.

11. If you can brave the cold, whip your goggles out of storage and jump into your nearest open-air lido. With any luck, you’ll meet the swimmer of your dreams and soon warm up!

12. Even if you’ve lived in the same place for years, be inspired by the daylight to do some sightseeing. What could be more romantic than meeting a gorgeous tourist – who’s also looking for love – amid the ruins of a castle?

13. As temperatures rise, there will be a lot of thirsty singles about. You could meet them by setting up a lemonade or smoothie stand with some friends after work. Feel good by donating any money you raise to charity.

14. Look out for any open-air markets in your area. Not only will it make a change from your usual supermarket run, but you might find you’ve met your match in a charismatic stall owner!

15. Meet a fellow culture vulture by attending an outdoor theatre performance. If you’re up for a challenge, why not join an amateur theatre troupe yourself? If nothing else, it’ll boost your confidence.

16. If you have a dog, the extra daylight means there’s no excuse not to take it for a walk after work and potentially meet an animal-loving other half. If you don’t have a dog, offer to walk your neighbour’s pooch instead!

17. Have a look online for any interesting outdoor community projects such as mural painting or maintaining a public garden. Doing your bit for the local area can be very fulfilling and your reward might be meeting someone new.

18. Go even further and volunteer at an outdoor soup kitchen. A philanthropic match could be waiting for you, and helping others will make you feel great. 

19. Be inspired by the Masters and visit an art gallery. Then, take the great person you got talking to in the Romantics section for a tête-à-tête in a nearby pub.

20. Chill out by joining an outdoor yoga or meditation class. You might find a fellow yoga bunny who takes your fancy and ask them out – calmly.