3 Autumnal dates that won’t break the bank

It’s easy to think summer offers the best of cheap or free dating options with long evenings and an endless schedule of free outdoor events and activities taking place. As autumn sets in it seems the only date options involve drinks in a bar, or a trip to the theatre, but that needn’t be the case. Before it gets too cold, there are still plenty of opportunities to make the most of the turning season and go on a date that won’t break the bank or involve you spending all day indoors.

Autumnal Walk With the evenings drawing in, now’s the time to make the most of the weekend. Autumn offers up a great opportunity to explore local parks and trails as they’re transformed by the splash of colour with the changing season.

A great date idea is to wrap up warm and go for a stroll in your local park. It’s a great opportunity have some fun, kick around some leaves and even try your hand at some leaf angels, but watch out for hidden puddles!

If you happen to have a keen eye for photography, an Autumnal walk will also provide you with plenty of opportunities to take some photos with your date. Or why not head to one of the match.com Photography Masterclass events held in cities across the UK?

Apple/berry picking and pie making Living in a city doesn’t leave you many opportunities to pick fresh fruit or berries, but visiting a picking farm, like the Parkside Pick Your Own on the outskirts, gives you and a date a chance to combine a trip to the country with some apple/berry picking.

Once you’ve collected your haul, why not spend the afternoon baking a warming apple or berry pie to enjoy together in front of a good Sunday film. If you’re feeling adventurous you could even try your hand at making some jam or using some apples to make mulled cider for the coming winter months.

Stargazing As the evenings draw in, you might find that a night time date becomes the only option. This affords you a great opportunity to check the weather, find a clear night and head out to do some romantic stargazing with your date.

Seeing the stars in a city can be tricky, so try and take the opportunity to travel a bit further out and make sure you’re well prepared (Remember: only venture out with a date if you feel comfortable and have met them a few times. Always tell someone where you’re going like a friend or housemate) It’ll likely be cold so wrap up and take a lined picnic rug with you and some blankets to create a cosy and romantic stargazing experience. Make it more fun with some suitable drinks, mulled wine (if you’re not driving), or even some champagne (don’t forget the truffles).

If you don’t want to leave the city, why not find a local club? If you’re in London you could head along to the Baker Street Irregulars who put events on throughout Autumn/Winter. All the meetings are free and you’ll even have the opportunity to use one of their telescopes.