As we get older, some singles can lose confidence when it comes to entering the world of online dating. But these days it seems to be the most convenient place to connect with people, especially with our increasingly busy lives. Gone is the stigma of online dating and the time to start meeting people in new ways.

Create your dating profile

A profile is probably the hardest bit so it might be a good idea to get some help with friends, as you want yours to stand out from the rest. Try to keep your profile upbeat, no mention of exes, bitter rants, and definitely don’t put “I never thought I’d be on here”. If possible try to keep it humorous while telling people a bit about yourself.

On the first date…

A good way of meeting up is suggesting to meet for coffee; this can last an hour tops if you’re not getting on, or longer if you are. Going for a meal on a first date is too stressful; it can seem a long time if you’re not getting on and you might resent the fact that you’ve just wasted money and time on someone you don’t wish to see again. What you don’t do though is accept an invitation to be picked up from where you live. No one needs to know where you live on a first date, make your own way to the designated (public) meeting place and make your own way back, while making sure you’ve told someone where you’ll be.

It might only be a coffee date but it’s still a first date so dress to impress but, ladies, you don’t need to arrive looking like you’ve raided the wardrobe of Joan Collins. Smart/casual is the order of the day, leave the dressing up for when you go out to dinner. Guys, sometimes old jeans and t-shirts won’t cut it, try jeans and a casual shirt instead.

Dating and beyond

Older dating brings different challenges. The rules are more or less the same but this time, instead of just parents of your date to impress, there are all sorts of extended family to impress as well.

Most people have been divorced or widowed so probably have older children who might also have partners, with children themselves. No pressure then! But if you are making someone’s father/mother happy, then chances are you will be accepted with open arms (not sure how the goldfish is going to take it though…). Whatever happens, the trick is to enjoy it. You don’t even have to date, just chatting with people online can boost someone’s confidence until you’re ready to jump in. Hopefully we all want the same thing, someone we can have adventures with while navigating the rest of our journey.