Do you always get ‘in a minute’ in response to your ‘how long till you’re ready’ question? We bet that a ‘minute’ is never really a minute either. If your girl spends too long looking for her things and getting herself in a fluster, we’re here to help. Our quick fixes make the morning run that little bit smoother and faster, so you can get out the door on time.

Make up holders

The table being scattered with makeup brushes is a scene common in most female bedrooms. A lot of time can get wasted looking for that one really good eyeliner brush that we absolutely need for the perfect winged liner. Fear not, a super inexpensive way to stand all brushes is to use jars filled with beads. Brushes will stand up right so we can see every single one. Not to mention it’s a whole lot more hygienic than having them lie on a desk. You can pick plastic jars up from as cheap as £1.35 and 1000 pack of beads for £1.50 on eBay.

Magnets for hair clips

Once you go on a few dates you might start seeing these creatures appear, even if you don’t use them. They may seem to follow you around, turning up in unexpected places like in your own hair instead. We can get through 1000s of them in a lifetime, buying pack after pack. But, this clever solution can put a hold on the spread of the bobby pin. A magnetic strip for holding bobby pins all in one place! No more crawling around in the morning or having to clean up the bathroom floor. Get them from EBay.

Coat hangers for hair tools

Whether they’ve got long or short hair, hair tools are probably lurking around in one of the drawers. The never- ending leads magically tangle themselves into an oblivion no matter how neat anyone tries to be. If you’ve got an ultra-messy girl that bungs them all in and takes half an hour detangling, this storage solution could be a great idea. Grab some sticky back hooks and voila! Hair curlers and straighteners will be easily findable and look nice and tidy.