3 London Classes To Take A Date To In 2014

Want to try something a little different on a date in 2014? Why not take your date to a class where you can both have some fun and enjoy learning something new together. We’ve recommended some great classes below, which can help freshen up your London dating.

Kaffeine – Coffee making class

66 Great Titchfield Street, W1W 7QJ Closest Station: Oxford Street

Whether it’s a pick me up in the morning, or trying out all manner of beans from around the world, there’s something extra rewarding about being able to make your own coffee to the highest standard, and this course offers you and your date just that.

Regarded as one of the best cafes in the UK for the quality of their espresso coffee, Kaffeine café is the ideal place to learn from the best about all different aspects of coffee making. A number of different courses are available, all geared towards giving you the skills and knowledge needed to make the highest standard of coffee at home, so you’ll leave the session feeling like you’ve learnt some useful coffee making knowledge.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to coffee, the lead barista at Kaffeine will cover all aspects of the coffee making process including grind adjustment, espresso making, milk texturing and even latte art giving you a fun opportunity to try out your skills and impress your date!


William Curley – Chocolate making class

198 Ebury Street Belgravia, SW1W 8UN Closest Station: Sloane Square

If you really want to indulge yourselves whilst also learning a fantastic new skill, you’ll find spending an afternoon on the William Curley chocolate making course very much to your liking.

Held at their flagship Belgravia store, there are a variety of different classes on offer including Sea Salt Caramel, Truffles and Venezuelan Chocolate Cadeaux. Each class offers something different in regard to chocolate making but for all you’ll be taught every step of the chocolate making process from bean to bar, whilst also being allowed to sample some of the world-class chocolate they work with.

The chefs are on hand to guide you step by step as you and your date set about making your very own chocolates, a fun and tasty experience which also gets a little messy! When you’ve finished making your chocolate, it’s lovingly gift boxed for you and your date to take home and enjoy.


Your Sushi – Sushi making class

Tsuru, Mansion House, 10 Queen Street, EC4N 1TX Closest Station: Mansion House

If you’re looking to learn a skill that will have you eating healthier whilst helping to banish boring dinners, check out this excellent course on the art of sushi making. A great opportunity to wow your date with some impressive sushi skills!

The course is taught by experienced sushi chef Kiyoko in a central London location, who with careful attention to detail and excellent tutoring, will help you craft a selection of different sushi including California Rolls, Sashimi and Salmon Nigiri.

There’s a variety of different courses offered, including a ‘Let’s Roll’ Sushi making course, with guidance and hands on teaching on how to make the perfect Sushi rolls. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous there’s also a 3 hour ‘Master Chef’ class which will teach you how to make 7-8 different types of Sushi and is sure to impress.

The best part? With every course you will then go home with a very full Bento box, Miso soup, Wasabi, ginger, soy sauce, chop sticks, and all the Sushi you will make during the class… that’s a lot of Sushi!