Of course there are lots of wonderful reasons to tie the knot – the most important one of all being that you love each other and want to pledge your lifelong commitment to one another. But, before you start picking out china patterns and making a mad dash up the aisle make sure you’re ready and doing so for all the right reasons.
Kate Taylor, Match.com’s resident relationships expert reveals her top three signs you shouldn’t get hitched:

You feel contempt towards each other.
“In long-term relationships, it’s normal to be annoyed with your partner or their habits but if the affectionate eye-rolls turn into genuine snarls of dislike, move along. Passive-aggressiveness is another bad omen – if you find yourselves moaning about each other in company, under the guise of “playful banter”, it’s a sign you’ve given up communicating about your problems or trying to solve them. Next!”

You feel you have to change to keep your partner happy.
“You don’t need to have everything in common to be the perfect match. In fact, the healthiest partnerships celebrate their differences, or at the very least accommodate them. If you feel you have to keep evolving, developing You V1, You V2, You V3 to keep your other half’s respect or interest, it’s doomed.”

You feel it’s the only way you’d trust them.
“Marriage is wonderful – it’s supportive and satisfying. But if you need your partner to marry you to prove they love you, get off the bus. It either means they are unaffectionate with you, leading you to doubt their feelings (perhaps deliberately to keep you guessing, or because they honestly don’t love you that much), or it means you are insecure and haven’t yet worked out who YOU are and what YOU want. Either way, a wedding won’t fix anything.”