When you’re single it’s easy to get into the habit of constantly asking yourself things like ‘why haven’t I found anyone yet?’, or ‘why is everyone falling in love apart from me?’ It’s perfectly normal to feel like this when dating, however we’ve got four top tips to hopefully make your Christian dating journey a bit easier.

Patience is the key to dating

Being single can be frustrating, especially if everyone around you seems to be getting hit with cupids’ arrow and falling in love. The phrase ‘good things come to those who wait’ is often the case when dating, as finding someone you really click with can take time. However, crucial to dating success is not giving up. Remain true to yourself and what you want in a partner to ensure the person you find shares your Christian beliefs.

Have an open mind

When you first meet someone it’s difficult to know immediately if they’re right for you, especially on a first date when nerves are high. If you are unsure, arrange another meet up to see if you get along better, as you will both be more likely to relax on a second date. However, if you have nothing in common it may be best to continue your search for the perfect one, but at least you will know you tried.

Be brave when Christian dating

Forming a new relationship with anyone at the start can be scary, but it’s also very exciting! When it comes to online dating, it is important to be brave. If you see a potential Christian date online, then send them a wink or a message to get their attention. Once you’ve chatted for a bit, organise a date with them so you can get to know them better and see if you have that spark offline too. As we mentioned above, you may not find the right person at the start, however you’ll at least be giving yourself the opportunity which is very important when finding your ideal date.

Stay positive

We have all at one point in time had that ‘giving up’ feeling when it comes to dating. Trying to feel positive about the situation all the time is difficult but keep the faith, and you never know what tomorrow may bring. People are attracted to up-beat and optimistic people, and so by embracing your positivity you are helping yourself get closer to finding the one.

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