4 New Year’s Dating Resolutions

The turkey’s gone and 2016 is here.

A lot of us promise ourselves that we’ll steer clear of the chocolates, cut the caffeine and ban the biscuits, but have you ever considered making New Year’s resolutions that will change your dating experiences for the better? After all, what’s more exciting? A gym membership (boring) or loads of hot dates? We know which one we would choose.

1. Revamp your profile

January is a super-busy time for match.com with a seriously huge number of new members joining the site. Make sure you’re ready by revamping your profile.
The place to start is your photos. Inject a little life into your profile with new photos that were taken over the last 12 months. Try to get a range of pics that show you in different situations and having fun. Remember – happiness is attractive. Make sure you include all the fascinating things you did and learnt in 2015.

2. Make the first move

If someone’s profile catches your eye, let them know before someone else does.
Making the first move might seem like a bold move, but do it right and you could soon find yourself dating someone special.
Pay close attention to their profile; commenting on something you’ve read will make you stand out from the crowd but a one-liner like ‘hi there’ sounds generic and a bit lazy. Instead, invest some time in writing a first email that will grab their attention; be confident and cheerful and reference something from their profile to show that you’re interested in getting to know them a little better.

3. Say “yes” to someone who isn’t your type

Instead of thinking of excuses, try saying “yes” more!
So she isn’t as mad about Marvel films as you are and he’s not as enthusiastic about antiques as you– so what? You could learn a thing or two from each other.
Saying “yes” to people you wouldn’t usually consider dating will really help you figure out the kind of person you’re looking for. If you’ve been chatting to someone but you’re not quite sure if you’re right for each other, dating allows you to see whether there’s a spark between you. Go on – seize the moment and say “yes” to ensure you don’t overlook someone who could be a perfect match.

4. Leave your baggage behind

Get ready to wave goodbye to any unwanted baggage from the last year.
Easier said than done perhaps, but you should look at the New Year as the chance for a new start. If you didn’t have much luck with dating and relationships this year then wipe the slate clean and start the New Year with a new you and a new approach to dating. You’ll be able to learn from the past and use your experiences to create a new chapter in 2016.