5 Free ways to spruce up your dating game

When preparing for a date, you’ll be thinking of what to wear (you’re looking online for a new pair of jeans) and where to go (that posh restaurant with a pricey menu). However making lavish plans can all get expensive. Thankfully, there’s such a thing as free dating!

Here at match.com, we’ve narrowed it down to the 5 essential things you need to spruce up your dating game without having to spend your cash.

1. Style is overrated

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t dress your best but there really isn’t any need to abide by the latest fashion trends and buy a ton of flashy accessories. What you need to do to leave a lasting impression is to make your date smile. Be light-hearted and let your sense of humour shine through. They are more likely to remember what you said than what you wore.



2. “Good manners go a long way”

We have to admit, it’s true and we don’t just mean chewing with your mouth closed! We mean this in a deeper social sense. For example, don’t judge your date or argue with them. Sometimes, getting to know someone means discovering things that you perhaps can’t relate to and it’s important to be considerate. Other manners include not being pushy and not neglecting them every time your mobile rings. (We all know someone who does that!)





3. Let there be confidence

Remember in Friends when Rachel catches Paul (Bruce Willis) doing some pretty ludicrous moves in front of the mirror? (If you said no, get yourself to the 21st episode of the sixth season pronto!) There’s a reason why people do power poses when they’re alone as it helps to give a confidence boost. It sounds funny but honestly, it helps – we tried it and once we stopped laughing, we felt a whole lot better!





4. Take a walk around town

We realise you’re probably still wondering what to do and what to eat so here goes. Taking a walk around town is a great way to get some fresh air and carry out meaningful conversations rather than small talk. Let your date know some interesting facts about you and where you live. Nothing that begins with “in the 19th century this place use to be…” We mean any funny stories or precious memories you have and feel comfortable sharing.





5. The kitchen is your friend

As we divert our attention to food, all we can think of is Jamie Oliver and if Jamie’s taught us anything, it’s that nothing beats a good ol’ home cooked meal. Why not peer into your fridge and make something delicious with ingredients you already have? Simply type in what you have and get meal ideas instantly! If we were to make a suggestion, it would have to be an aphrodisiac recipe like this amazing pesto pasta created by blogger, Emily Leary. Bon appétit!

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