We know how it feels. Your place may be perfect for you, perfect for your friends to crash and laze in but perfect for a date? We can practically hear the silence. Maybe a little sprucing up early this year wouldn’t hurt but how do you do it without making a costly beeline to Ikea? We’ve got five free ways to give your space a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Put it on show

Got a stack of magazines or books that look like they’ve been handled by a child? As long as the front cover isn’t peeling off, we suggest showing it off. Aim to create a rustic look which will work well against a not-so-pristine wall or on a hand-made shelf. Now that’s what we call money saving all round!

Bye Bye Canvas, Hello Polaroid!

Those big canvases that take centre stage on a lonely wall can be pretty but they are pricey too! And to be honest, we think they’re a tad over-rated. For a less contrived and homely feel, why not put up some old and new photos of the good times? Not only will it make you smile every time they catch your eye but it also gives your date a little glimpse into your world.

Don’t call a chair, a chair

Remember the times when you wanted to unwind but came home to that rusty old chair that looked boring and was incredibly unkind to your bottom? No doubt, you put it in hiding but we suggest repurposing it. Use it as a bedside table or as a holder for flowers, candles, your iPod dock – anything that takes your fancy!

Colour never looked so good

While we could direct you to the nearest flea market to buy some cheap fabric covers, we want you to save as much pennies as you can, so instead, try dyeing your covers a different colour or brighten its hues by washing with some colour enhancing powder. You’ll be surprised how effective a pop of colour can be in making a place seem attractive.

Angle and askew

Perhaps the most easiest and cost effective way to spruce up your place is to, wait for it, rearrange your furniture! That lamp on the other side of the room could practically be screaming to be near the sofa and while we’re on the topic of sofas, who said it has to be directly up against the wall? You could try turning it a little so that it’s diagonal facing. The effect can be pretty impactful – it’s almost like having the hands of an interior designer without having to pay for one.

Happy home sprucing!

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