While some men seem to find gift buying for their partner’s a breeze, the majority of boyfriends and husbands struggle to know what they should give their beloveds for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and Valentine’s.
As men, we generally prefer to receive practical gifts, so a bread maker for your little Nigella or that new vacuum cleaner that reduces cleaning time by half can seem like the perfect gift for the lady in your life. However, in reality these gifts are often met with tears or stony silences.
So what do women really want? We explain…

1. Something unique

Sometimes the most cherished gifts are those that are given from the heart. It’s all very well splashing out of lavish chocolates and overpriced roses, but gifts like these are ten a penny. Take old photos and ticket stubs and create a scrap book of memories; a gift like this speaks volumes about how much you value your time together and shows that you’ve put thought, love and effort into creating this gift.

2. Something personal

If your partner has had her eye on a piece of jewellery for while or has been hinting for something similar, why not take it one step further. If cash allows, personalise the gift by engraving it. Whether you choose to simply write your names or make a bolder statement of your love for her, she’s guaranteed to cherish such a personal gift.

3. Something to experience

Treat her on a trip she will never forget. Whether it’s tickets to see her favourite musical, a romantic weekend away in Paris or an exotic holiday abroad, you will both enjoy the experience and return from it with even more memories.

4. Something practical (but pretty)

Avoid oven gloves, garden shears, or worse still, vouchers, at all costs unless she’s specifically asked for them. Gifts that are practical but pretty are often things your lady really wants, but can’t justify spending so much on. For example, a designer handbag or pair of shoes will look nicer and last much longer than their high street counterparts, but may be that bit too pricey to buy for herself. Surprise her with a gift like this, but never mention the price, as this can look showy. She can probably guess how much you’ve spent and will be flattered by your generosity.

5. Something different

If your partner is the girl who has everything, then you’ll need to be more inventive in your gift giving. Transform her favourite photo of the two of you into a piece of art, Andy Warhol style, or splash out and have a painting commissioned for her. This needn’t be expensive – local art students are often very talented and affordable.

However, you don’t have to spend money to impress the special lady in your life. Sometimes the most original gifts are free; try writing her a poem detailing your love for her or giving her a collection of framed photographs of her favourite places/flowers/interests.
Lastly, but most importantly, no matter how big or small your gift for your other half, don’t forget the card. A well written, personal message is often nicer to receive than an expensive gift.