Are you looking for love on serious dating sites? If you’re looking for something more committed with long term goals in mind, you need to make sure your profile is attracting the right people. Learn the 5 must-dos to get you chatting to and dating the right people:

1. Say it! Clearly.

This doesn’t mean spouting off about how you’re done with your ex, flings or a giving an agonised history of your dating past. Simply let all the singles browsing your profile know that you’re looking for people who are serious about dating. This is as easy as putting in a disclaimer such as “not looking for hook-ups” or “seeking something more serious” – make it honest, not negative.

2. Say it! Implicitly.

Once you’ve said it clearly, you can also make your goals less obvious in your bio description. Lightheartedly allude to the type of future you’re looking for. A bio stating you’re “looking for a partner to watch the Northern Lights, navigate through obscure cities and fill an experimental-baking-taster vacancy” separates you from singles who aren’t likely to be serious dating, more likely “looking for someone to chill with, preferably also an avid Netflix advocate”.

3. Fill out your WHOLE profile

A key indicator of someone invested in serious dating sites is that they’ve taken the time to put together a well crafted profile, as opposed to leaving a half finished job. In longer serious dating relationships, lifestyles and deal-breakers are usually much more important than in their shorter term counterparts, and these can be addressed in bios. For example, if someone’s taken the time to choose a preference regarding the possibility of future kids, that means they’ve considered more serious and long term parts of the relationship they’re looking for too.

4. Have varied profile pics

Whereas someone looking for a casual relationship might be happy to just know one or two parts of your personality, someone looking for love on serious dating sites will naturally be more interested in your fuller life. So, while it’s easy and fine for someone to be attracted to the obvious ‘competitive runner/cyclist/climber’ in you, it’s good to highlight other facets of your personality through something like a photo of you with your friends, family, or just bossing it at work.

5. Make sure you’re in the right place

You wouldn’t go shopping for coffee beans at the local butcher, so make sure you’re looking for like-minded singles in the right place. The best serious dating sites have a track record of success setting up the type of relationship you want, enough members looking for the same thing, the ability to easily share longer term relationship preferences in their bios and much more. So, make sure you’re not wasting your time somewhere you’re not likely to find that serious dating relationship you really want.

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