5 Questions about dating in Sweden

As part of our newly launched Date Explorer campaign we have asked fellow daters in other countries to share some insight into the dating game. This week we’ve asked Lotte from Stockholm to answer our 5 questions about dating: 1. Where would you normally go out on a first date? A first date would usually take place in a café or maybe at a nice gallery somewhere. It's important to be somewhere where you can properly chat with your date so you can find out more about them. We would have dinner, or go and see a movie on the second or third date. 2. Who pays on the first date? We would split the bill, as it's not polite to expect for example the man to pay. 3. Would you end the date in a kiss? Why not! 4. How do you let your date know you’re interested in them? We’re quite straightforward here in Scandinavia, so you can be quite direct and say that you like your date and would like to see them again. 5. Who gets in touch first about a second date? The dating scene is quite casual, and there really aren’t any cultural rules or roles when it comes to dating, so whoever has the courage to make the first move gets to do the deed! Would you like to experience dating in the Sweden? To celebrate 20 years of creating more dates and relationships than any other dating site, we are offering once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for one British single to become our Date Explorer, who will jet off to an all-expenses-paid trip to gather expertise from five foreign cities known for their vibrant and varied dating scenes: New York, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Paris and Stockholm. Find out more about Date Explorer.