5 Reasons Why January is the Perfect Time to Date Online

Match is about to get VERY busy with lots of new members making New Year’s resolutions to find a date. Don’t believe us? Then read our top 5 reasons why January is THE perfect time to online date.

1. Online dating sites are busier

The best-kept secret in online dating is the huge membership spike that happens between Christmas and February. While Match has a steady stream of members through its doors at any one time, the start of the year is a real big hitter. That’s right, it’s not just gyms that capitalise on New Year’s resolutions, online dating is a haven for hopeful singles looking for love, a date or simply to meet someone new.
What does that mean for you? More members means more choice, and we can practically guarantee that there’s someone new who will be a great match for you. So stop enviously hanging around your married friends’ houses or picking at leftover turkey at your Mum’s – revamp that profile and get out there!

2. Dating is a welcome distraction

After the twinkly romance of Christmas, January can feel like a bleak, endless month. All that lies ahead of you are five weeks of stretching out your post-Christmas pay cheque, scraping ice off your car every morning, and trying to lose the 10lbs you gained over the holidays. It’s no wonder that January 16 was voted the Most Depressing Day of the Year! To beat the blues, turn your thoughts towards love. Dates heat up the coldest of evenings and meeting new people will help you look ahead with renewed optimism. Don’t waste money hoping to meet single people in bars and clubs – the cost of one night in the pub can buy a whole month on Match.

3. It’s a fresh start

“That’s it!” you cry, filling your new diary with wildly over-ambitious resolutions. “This year I’m going to be organised, productive, save half my salary and only drink the recommended weekly units”. The New Year is the perfect time for a new start, so use that to your advantage Make a list of 3 deal-breakers that you won’t tolerate in 2016. Check your “type” – are you willing to date different people in the coming 12 months to see if they’re a better fit? Make a list of new ways to bring people into your world. You have a clean page to fill with dating success this year. Don’t look back, look ahead.

4. Romantic wintry dates

Ice-skating, snowball fights, sledging, ski lessons, sipping mulled wine in cosy pubs…dates in winter are incredibly mushy and not just because icy pavements give you the perfect excuse to hold hands. Don’t hibernate at home, arrange some flirty first dates. Watch a football match, attend a whisky-tasting evening, cosy up in the cinema or toboggan down a nearby snowy hill.

5. Valentine’s Day

Find love in January and you’ll be ready for all the dating milestones that occur during the year – like Valentine’s, spring mini breaks, summer holidays, fireworks displays and Christmas Eve proposals (all being well). Start your year in the most optimistic light. Look online, attend Match Nights, join evening classes and mingle as much as you can. Believe that THIS is the year you’ll find The One, and approach it like a project – be organised, read advice on the subject (our dating advice section is a great place to start), and don’t let minor setbacks put you off. Every day on Match we hear from couples who found each other on our site. This year, we hope to hear from you.