You under estimate the time it takes to commute/get ready

If you tend to be late often, the problem might be that you’re not good at knowing how long tasks take you. For example if you always give yourself five minutes to dry your hair, but it actually takes you ten minutes then you’ll always be late. Similarly, if you guess how long it takes you to get to your destination, then inevitably you’ll get it wrong unless it’s a route you do every day. There are so many apps out there now to help us plan our journeys like Google Maps and Citymapper, so you can plan out your route and see the estimated journey time. There’s really no excuse!

You are always losing your possessions

You’re all ready to go but suddenly you realise you’ve lost your wallet or keys, sound familiar? It might sound simple, but the best way to avoid this is to keep your wallet and keys in a certain place every time you walk into the house. Perhaps have a bowl by your door or in the kitchen where you can dump your stuff when you get home. Not only will you leave the house feeling calm and collected, but you’ll also begin to more effectively manage your time.

You prefer to control the situation

Being late can be understood as a method for asserting your power over another person. Manipulating and controlling the situation at the expense of others is unfair, as you are assuming that others should and will wait on you. This is something you definitely don’t want to do on a first date, as it could give the wrong impression from the start. Even if you aren’t intentionally doing this your date might have experienced this behaviour before which will influence feelings towards you. Those ten minutes could really count.

You’re in denial about how busy you are

Many of us are busier than we realise and try to fit too much into one day which often means we are late for things. Aside from learning how to say no, cut yourself some slack and give yourself more time to accomplish things. If you’re rushed off your feet the whole time it’s no surprise that you would be late as you’re always moving to the next event. If you’re going to a date it’s especially important to give yourself some time off, as it will be clear to the person you’re with that you don’t have enough time to give them the attention they deserve.

You hate the uneasiness of being early

Many people feel awkward and uncomfortable when waiting for someone, and that others are watching and judging you for being alone. This can be especially true when meeting a date for the first time as people worry that arriving too early can make you appear desperate. Therefore you leave it a little later until suddenly you’re really late, which can also come across badly. One way to overcome this is to take a book with your or your music so if you do arrive early you have something to do with your time. This will make you feel less awkward and also give you brownie points for being on time.