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5 Sure-fire Signs a Second Date Is On the Cards

5 Sure-fire Signs a Second Date Is On the Cards

The end of your first date is drawing near. You’re laughing lots, blushing amidst all the chemistry and already feeling butterflies of excitement. You’d really like to see this person again, but how do you know if they feel the same?
If any of the following things happen on your date, we’d say the chances that you’re on track for a second date are pretty good…

1. “Can I tempt you with dessert?”

Let’s face it, no one suggests dessert after dinner if they’re keen to make a quick exit so if they’re asking you if you’d like a coffee, dessert or nightcap it’s because they like you.
If you like them too then accept the darn sticky toffee pudding and enjoy every last naughty bite…oh and your date’s company, of course!

2. Leaning in a little closer

No we don’t mean for a kiss – calm down! Although if it’s heading that way then go for it…
Bars and restaurants can get a bit noisy, especially as it gets later into the evening. Now, your date could do one of two things here; they could speak louder to be heard above the noise or they could pull their stool in a little closer to you.
Now, if they do the latter then it’s a pretty sure sign they’re into you and a second date could be on the cards.

3. No phone-checking

Taking calls, texting or just checking your Twitter feed while in the company of anyone is pretty rude, unless you have good reason (and have made this clear at the start of your rendezvous). It also shows you’re not fully engaged or interested in your current situation.
So if your date keeps their phone firmly tucked away in their bag or pocket it implies that their focus is fully on you – they’re interested in what you have to say and not what the latest trending topic is.

4. Meaningful conversations

The key word here is “meaningful”.
Meaningful isn’t just telling someone you love football but it’s explaining why you love it, how you got into it and how important it is to you. It’s not just telling someone you have an irrational fear of baked beans, it’s explaining where it all began and how it severely affects your Sunday morning fry-ups!
If your date sheds light on some of the dearest things in their life it shows they’re comfortable with you.

5. “Did you get home okay?”

“Thanks for tonight” or “Did you get home okay?” translate as one thing and one thing only – they’d like to see you again.
If your date makes first contact after the date it shows that they had a great time and are keen to keep the conversation going and the connection strong.
If you feel the same then scrap the “texting rules” and give into those excited butterflies – text them back and get the ball rolling with that second date.

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