Aside from the obvious things like love, trust and the opportunity to build a future together we spoke to some real men about what they really want from a relationship. Some of their answers might surprise you!

1. An excuse to skip family gatherings occasionally
“Don’t get me wrong, I think my girlfriend’s family are great. It’s just that some weekends after a hard week at work all I want to do is unwind by slobbing out on the sofa eating takeaway pizza and watching football rather than make small talk at some family do. A free pass from time to time would just be brilliant.” -Damien

2. A shelf to ourselves in the bathroom
“I know women need a lot more stuff than us blokes when it comes to grooming, but it feels like every inch of our bathroom is taken up with her lotions and potions and my humble razor, shampoo and deodorant are relegated to the hard to reach furthest corner of the cramped top shelf. It’s irritating, but I know bringing it up just isn’t worth the hassle. Whatever happened to equal rights?” – Rajesh

3. You to go out with the girls more often
“This one isn’t quite a self-less as it might at first sound. Firstly it gives me a chance to be in charge of the telly. Secondly, she’s always in a good mood after a few drinks with the girls – and that’s good news for me if you know what I mean. And finally, her girlie nights out work in my favour when I want her permission to go on a boys weekend. Everyone’s a winner.” – Nick

4. Acceptance of our inner geek
“I’m looking for a woman who’ll indulge my idiosyncrasies and accept how important my complete collection of original 1980s transformers toys is to me. She doesn’t have to share my love of them – I realise that might be asking too much, but a woman whose willing to put up with them without making a fuss would be a real find!” – Rob

5. You to make the first move now and again
“It’s been said that us blokes are simple creatures. And when it comes to sex, I’d have to agree. It really doesn’t take much to get us in the mood, so it would be really nice if you’d initiate sex from time to time. We need to know you like it as much as us. And it’s a massive turn on too.”  – Jason