Real women reveal those little man niggles that drive them mad, but they’re too polite to mention. Gentlemen take note!

1. A more than one word response to our texts
“When I’ve taken the trouble to compose a detailed text message or email, the least I expect is a properly composed response. I always make an effort to make my communications with my fella witty and a bit flirty, but my boyfriend seems to think it’s fine to respond with a cursory one or two word answer when what I’m really after is a bit of banter back and forth. It really gets my goat – especially when his message fails to address most of what I’ve asked in the first place! Grrr. I’d love to confront him about it, but I know he’d just think I was being petty so I keep schtum.” – Katy

2. You to watch romcoms
“I’m fed up of arguing over what film to go and see on date night. Would be better all round if blokes just realised that RomComs rule. Who needs car chases and explosions anyway?”

3. You to stop pretending you’re listening
“My husband seems to think it’s fine to leave the telly on when I’m trying to tell him something important or leave him instructions. I can tell he’s just pretending to listen while he’s got half an eye on the telly. Invariably he’ll then ring me when I’m out with my friends or in the middle of a really important presentation at work to ask me exactly what I’ve already explained. It’s infuriating, but if I dare suggest he turn-off the box and listen properly, he’ll get huffy and insist that I’m undermining him. I can’t win.”
– Caroline

4. You to learn how to multitask
“I can listen to ‘Any Questions’ on Radio Four whilst preparing dinner, helping the kids with their homework and checking my Facebook account. Sadly the same thing can’t be said for my other half who struggles to do one thing at a time properly. I guess multitasking is something you either can or can’t do, but it’s frustrating he’s just not capable of doing more than one thing at a time.”
– Neela

5. To ask for help when you need it
“It would be lovely if my darling boyfriend could swallow his pride once in a while and just ask for help. The times I’ve watched him puzzle over self-assemble furniture or drive round in circles because his ego’s too big to admit he’s in trouble and ask for help or directions! It’s pathetic. A real man would swallow his pride and ask for help.”