What is flirting?

Even if you can’t exactly define how you’ve almost definitely flirted with someone before! Flirting is a situation in which someone makes advances toward a person they’re interested in you, but in a mild and subtle way. Through flirting, you can test the waters and see if the person you fancy feels the same way.

Depending on the person and how confident they are, flirting may be clear as day or extremely hard to distinguish – what if they talk to everyone that way? So here at Match, we’ve put together some telltale signs indicating that someone’s flirting with you.

It’s important to pick up on the different signs of flirting. If enough of these signs present themselves, it’ll become clear that it’s flirting and not just friendly behaviour that’s taking place. Recognising flirting can also help you to up your own flirting game! So what is flirting? Read on to find out!

6 Signs that they’re flirting with you

They act differently around you

If a confident person’s flirting with you, they may deliberately make it obvious to you that they’re interested. They’ll probably try to turn your conversation into a more fun, teasing chat from which they aim to show you they like you and build some excitement between you.

On the opposite end, if someone’s shy, they may be nervous around you. This doesn’t mean they’re not flirting, so you have to look out for more subtle signs. For example, more shy people have a tendency to overthink situations, so if they make an effort to be closer to you, or touch your hand/shoulder while talking, that could be an indication they’re flirting with you. In other cases, shy people have a difficult time wording their feelings and playing ‘the game’, so they might focus on their eye contact to make you understand they’re romantically interested in you.

This means that whether they’re confident or shy, there will be some change in their behaviour and how they treat you compared to how they treat others.

They make it clear they’re available – and try to find out if you are

If they try to make it immediately clear that they aren’t seeing anyone, and they also steer the conversation toward whether you’re single or not, there’s a strong chance they’re starting to flirt with you and testing the waters. They may also try to learn more about your views on dating and relationships, get a feel for whether you’d be a suitable partner.

They tease you

Some people are indirect with their flirting – instead of being upfront they might tease you playfully or give you indirect compliments. This is a ‘safe’ way of flirting that some use, in case the other person doesn’t feel the same way. It’s also a way to make things more exciting and create a playful relationship between the two of you.

Eye Contact

This can be a bit more subtle. It’s normal and polite behaviour for someone to make eye contact with you. But if they make eye contact for longer than normal, or if they keep stealing glances at you, chances are it’s a sign they’re flirting with you.

They’re attentive to you

How attentive they are is easier to spot when you’re together with a group. A few questions to ask yourself in this scenario would be: do they mostly look at you? Do they pay close attention when you speak compared to when others do? Do they wait up for you when others walk ahead?

They find excuses to touch you

This can vary from person to person – some are just naturally touchy-feely. But if someone naturally keeps their hands to themselves, but they look for excuses to touch you, then it’s a strong sign they’re flirting with you. This can be as subtle as brushing against you while walking, a hand on your arm while laughing, or ‘accidentally’ brushing against your feet under the table.

Why don’t you try some of these for yourself?

Now that you have a few ideas on how flirting is done, you can use some of these to get the hint across that you’re interested in someone. Remember that the key to flirting is subtlety. Don’t go overboard! This can be off-putting and make you seem overly-keen.

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