On Monday night, after a corker of a series, Love Island 2019 drew to a surprising close. Four million of us tuned in to watch Geordie babe Amber Gill and sexy Irishman Greg O’Shea crowned king and queen of the villa, while official couple and bookies’ favourites Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury took second place. It seems that Amber’s journey on the show captured the nation’s hearts over Tommy and Molly’s relatively easy ride (post hurricane Maura).

This year’s series has taught us many things, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Here’s our run down of 7 dating lessons we’ve learnt from Love Island 2019:

1. First impressions aren’t everything

Cast your minds back to the first week in the villa, when Amber coupled up with Callum and then sent him home in the first recoupling, having slated his sunglasses along the way. At that point, many branded Amber as stuck up and arrogant. Fast forward to the final and Amber’s now the nation’s sweetheart following her Michael-induced heartbreak and subsequent healing process, helped along nicely by charming Greg. What can we learn from this? Perhaps that person who you went on a date with and who came across a bit cocky actually has a wall up. You could be the one to help them to break it down! We’re not saying everyone deserves a second chance, but sometimes it’s worth it.

2. Don’t go official until you’re sure

We all know where this is going… We collectively gasped with horror when Jordan confessed to being romantically interested in India, despite having asked Anna to be his girlfriend no less than two days before. We got the feeling that the fallout wouldn’t have been quite so terrible if Jordan hadn’t taken that big step of commitment. So please, unless you’re 100% certain that you want to be with the person you’re dating for the foreseeable future, DO NOT ask them to be your boy/girlfriend. If you don’t follow this advice, things will only end in tears, just like they did for poor Anna.

3. Patience is a virtue

Until Casa Amor, we thought that Anton might have been a lost Love Island cause. He boasted of incredible success with the ladies in his intro video, but having tried and failed with Anna, Molly-Mae, Lucie, Elma and Arabella, we weren’t so sure. That was until Belle walked into the villa. They sparked an instant connection and were solid together (apart from that Island Club row) until they were voted out in the final dumping. Fan favourite Ovie also deserves an honourable mention here. After being brought into the villa by Anna and then ditched for Jordan, Ovie’s dream girl finally came along in the form of India. We think these two will last; watch this space!

Just a reminder that you may have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince(ss). Sometimes, at that moment when you feel like all hope is lost, the one for you will show up and turn everything around.

4. Always know your worth

When Amber picked Greg over Michael in the last recoupling, we supported her choice wholeheartedly. This was a girl who knew her own worth and had had enough of being treated badly by someone who claimed to have liked her all along. Then she went on to win the whole show with Greg and the rest is history. Remember that you don’t have to put up with anyone treating you with less respect than you deserve. It might be hard to let that toxic person go, but you’ll be so much happier for it in the long run. We all have a Greg waiting for us after our Michael!

5. If something feels wrong, address it sooner rather than later

One of the most shocking moments of the series came when Curtis’s head was turned by Jourdan while “half-girlfriend” Amy was blissfully unaware in Casa Amor. Curtis then went on to admit he’d known for a while that something was missing in their relationship but had brushed it under the carpet, leading to carnage in the villa and Amy eventually leaving. Always explore any doubts you have about a person before things get too serious. Even if you think you’re avoiding hurting them, they’re likely to end up more hurt if you string them along. It comes down to honesty being the best policy; you don’t want a potential relationship to be built on a lie, so bite that bullet!

6. Opposites can attract

Speaking of Curtis… When Maura first admitted that she fancied the professional ballroom dancer following his and Amy’s breakup, we have to admit we couldn’t see it working at all. But a few weeks down the line they found themselves in the final, looking like a strong couple with a potential future ahead of them. Often being very different from someone you’re dating is no bad thing – just keep an open mind and be willing to learn new things from them.

7. Sometimes friendship is the only kind of love you need

When they left the villa, both Amy and Anna adorably told the girls that they’d found love in the form of friendship, even if they hadn’t found the romantic love they were seeking. The girls consistently helped each other through their heartbreaks (there were plenty of them!) and seem to have made friends for life. This is a reminder that, while dating is fun and exciting, it’s also important to nurture your friendships and put plenty of time into ensuring your friends know how much they mean to you. Don’t get so caught up in dating or in a relationship that you forget your friends!

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