7 top date ideas for the long weekend

If you want to bank on some romance this holiday weekend, try these top date ideas…
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Maybe it’s because you can feel like a giant while you’re eating all the mini sausage rolls and mini quiches, or maybe it’s simply because it means it’s finally sunny – either way, there’s no doubting a picnic puts everyone in a good mood. Whatever else is going on in your life, as soon as you sit down on a rug and crack open the bread-sticks, you can’t help but suddenly feel in love with the weather, in love with life, and in love with…well, the person sitting opposite you. Yup, planning a picnic with your partner – or partner-to-be – is a sure-fire way to dine out on some romance.

Country walk
It ticks every box. There’s fresh air to re-invigorate the mind, exercise to re-invigorate your body, and hours to spend chatting away from the usual hustle and bustle of life – which neatly re-invigorates any flagging romance too. However much you care about the person you’re dating, it can be easy to get caught up with work, friends and hobbies, and forget to find the time to sit down and really talk. Heading off into the wilds of the country-side will give you the chance to really re-connect not only with nature, but with your date too.

A trip to the beach isn’t the most original bank holiday day out (you just have to look at the annual newspaper photos of people looking cold in deck-chairs to know that) – but is unoriginal always a bad thing? Once you’ve avoided these deck-chairs, you’ve got long walks in the sand clutching hands and ice-creams, you’ve got giggling on the pier’s retro dodgems and you’ve got cuddling up with some fish and chips as the sun goes down – all with the hazy promise of a slight tan on the way. What’s not to fall in love with?

Pub garden
A trip to the pub might not sound like something you’d save for a ‘special bank holiday’ date. It sounds more like something you’d save for a ‘very normal week-day night’ date. But when there’s an extra day off to factor in, pubs somehow take on a whole new guise. You don’t see the soggy carpets or same old scribbled menu board; you see the promise of sitting in the back garden, sipping ice-cold drinks, pretending you’re sophisticated and continental. Naturally, the person you’re sipping said drinks with soon becomes sophisticated and continental too, and suddenly; oh la la, c’est passion.

Go (sort of) abroad
Going away on some far-flung romantic trip at bank holiday sounds amazing in theory– but in practice, it means airport queues, the border guard queues, the sandwich before you board the plane queues. Not the most conducive settings to falling in love are they? So keep things simpler – and cheaper – and have a holiday in the UK instead. Take your date to a themed bar, buy some exotic ingredients from the supermarket and cook some worldly dish, go samba dancing, or even dress up in your chosen country’s flag colours. All the fun of a holiday romance, without any of the stress.

Go (sort of) dancing
Dancing gets people in the mood for love, so the theory goes. Does that stretch to morris dancing..? Take your date along to a typically British May Day celebration and find out. To be honest, it’s not about the flailing hankies and clogs getting you in the mood for love, so much as getting you in the mood for laughter – if your date can’t find our traditional dance charming, funny, and a little bit brilliant, then they’re probably not worth your time.

Hire a boat
If it’s good enough for a singing water-rat and singing Italians, there’s no reason why messing about on the river shouldn’t be good enough for you and your loved one too. There’s something rather lovely about gently floating around, feeling at one with nature, admiring your date’s rowing muscle prowess. There are lakes and rivers all over the country where you can hire a boat, so grab a few drinks and happily set sail (or at least paddle) into the sunset.
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