Will your football team help you score?


We quizzed over 1,000 Premier League team supporters to find out which rival footy teams’ fans they would be prepared to date – and this is what we found out:

1. Cherries top the list of most dateable footy fans

The Premier League newcomers Bournemouth avid supporters were rated as the most attractive, with 58% saying they’d be happy to be seen going out with a Cherry!

2. …with the Saints coming a close second

Perhaps it’s their sinfully good looks or their saintly behaviour that put Southampton second on the list for most desirable footy fans, with 57% saying they’d ask a Saint for a date.

3. More Arsenal supporters would be prepared to date a Spurs fan than the other way around…

22% of Tottenham fans say they would never date a Gooner – whereas nearly 96% open-minded Arsenal fans said they would have no problem dating a Tottenham hottie.

4. One in ten Villains wouldn’t give a second look to their fellow fan

Aston Villa fans are the most likely Premier League team to shun their fellow supporters in the search for a partner. Maybe it’s their nickname “The Villains” that’s putting them off each other?

5. The big teams are the biggest losers when it comes to the dating game

According to the fans of other teams, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United supporters are the least dateable football fans. Whoever said bigger is better…

6. Chelsea fans are not that special after all…

Supporters of the West London team, famously lead by Jose “The Special One” Mourhino, ranked as the least attractive fans…

7. Quarter of Liverpool fans would rather be alone than date an Evertonian

Even love won’t help diffuse the bitter rivalry between these two Scouser teams, with 25% of Liverpool fans saying they couldn’t consider a future with an Everton supporter.

9. One in five football fans have cancelled a date due to a footy match

Thankfully that’s just the minority – 59% of football supporters think they have a healthy relationship with the sport, as well as their loved one.

8. Nearly 1 in 10 Premier League team supporters would choose the sport over love

But perhaps they just haven’t yet met their match!

10. Although we Brits are a bit mad about football…

It’s not all doom and gloom, as 11% of us would still be willing to switch allegiances to keep a new partner happy.