Finding the best date locations in London can be difficult, with thousands of restaurants, bars, theatres, cinemas, quirky hot spots and secret corners filled with fun things to do, taste and enjoy… it is a wonder anyone can choose from the best places for unique and exciting dates.

But don’t worry, there’s no need to be overwhelmed, as I’ve put together some of my favourite date locations in London to suit many tastes and styles.

Garlic and Shots ( – When I stepped into this grungy looking dive bar, heading into the cellar where fake cobwebs and skulls adorn the walls I was a little surprised at my date’s choice, a bar that serves garlic!… and shots! On a first date?! However actually what a brilliant way to start a date with a choice of 100 flavoured shots, the perfect way to calm the nerves, if your date likes a bit of grunge then head upstairs for some food or if not you can mix it up by moving on to a contrasting sophisticated restaurant with not a single cobweb, tattoo or plastic cup in sight.

The Mango Room ( – I was really impressed with this choice of restaurant for a first date… the ambiance was a perfect mix of funky and romantic, the food was delicious and displayed beautifully without being too ‘twee’, Caribbean food makes a great change from traditional British or Italian food without risking the chance of your date having raw fish phobias you may not know about at this stage of dating. The Mango Room has a menu to suit every taste; even the fussy ones.

Cellar Door ( – probably my favourite date location, provided the other person is paying – the cocktails aren’t cheap, but boy are they tasty! This tiny little cocktail and cabaret bar in old underground toilet on Aldwych is as secret as they come. You have probably walked past this secluded spot a number of times, it is so small it barely fits 30 people, so get there early and don’t tell a soul, or you’ll be queuing on the street and giving the secret away to all. The small bar serves a selection of unique drinks, served by well-dressed waiters and just as you start to cosy down for a little smooch the entertainment begins, with a range of cabaret performances… with singers, musicians & comedians. If you’re bored on your date the entertainment will certainly help spark some interesting conversation… but beware, this isn’t a place for the shy!

Ottolenghi – If you’re dating someone who is health conscious, appreciates good food or is vegetarian then this is the place to go. Good for both a daytime or evening date, the mouth-watering range of salads are enough to even make a hard-core meat eater like me drool. Different salads are made daily with a few meat side options and no matter how full you are, you’ll still want to make room for dessert. The majority of people sit on a long communal table, so this isn’t the place for a quiet candlelit supper, but the buzzy atmosphere, modern interior and gorgeous looking food are sure to impress anyone.

The Electric Cinema – A date to the cinema can be seen as a little thoughtless and cliché, however the Aubin Cinema is anything but boring or traditional, and is a brilliant twist on a trip to the cinema. With intimate candle light, blankets, foot stools, fancy snacks and delicious chilled wine it is a perfect romantic way to spend an evening. Make sure you pre-book one of the sofas for two, perfect for cuddling.

Right must dash I’ve got a date with a hot man to prepare for… 😉 Until next time, happy dating all.

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