Leaving your hectic, nine-to-five lives behind you and jet-setting off on a romantic holiday could be just what you and your partner need. But once you touch down, like every couple on holiday, you might encounter the odd problem – It’s to be expected when you’re suddenly together 24/7 (and your partner thinks a camel ride is a good way to get to your hotel!)
Sound familiar? Relax, we’ve got the solution…

Pick the destination together

Scan through websites and flick through brochures until you’ve found the place you’d both like to go; the key word here being ‘both’. There’s not much use dragging your man around the ruins of Rome by day and analysing the constellations by night when all he really wants to do is relax by the pool. If one of you is a culture vulture and the other’s a beach babe, this issue can be resolved; it’s all about finding the right balance. If you really can’t both agree on a place to go why not take it in turns to choose, you pick this one, they pick the next. Or combine both of your passions in one trip e.g. A beach holiday in Croatia, combined with a day trip sightseeing in Venice.

Plan a few separate activities

While you might find your partner’s habits cute when you’re at home, they can take a turn towards annoying when you are experiencing them all day, every day. If you’re a new couple, it might be the first time you’ve ever spent so much time together, so it’s natural to feel your personal space and privacy are under threat.
This doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed, far from it, you just need a little space and you’ll be loved up again in no time. As the saying goes, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’.
Try exploring a local market while your man hits the gym, or taking a dip in the sea while your girl sunbathes at the pool. You’ll both get the alone time you need, and you’ll have lots to talk about over dinner.

It’s not all about the kids

A family holiday is a wonderful chance to bond and create memories that will last a lifetime with your nearest and dearest, but as important as it is to spend time with the kids, don’t forget to make quality time for your partner while you’re on holiday.
If your children are mature enough, give them a set time to go and explore your destination and meet new friends, or for the younger ones, book them into a highly recommended kids club while you and your significant other relax together.