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ITV Commercial and, the UK’s number one dating service, today announced a new partnership for the
Single figures: British daters spend an average of £1,304 each year looking for love Brits splash a total of £4
As I am French, my friends keep coming to me for advice on their relationships. I will never understand why. That's
I wish I was cool. And you know what that means. Like someone who says they're funny yet doesn't follow through with a
A week-long itinerary of sunshiney romance. By’s relationship expert, Kate Taylor 1. Stargazing Feel
When it comes to having a new man in your life, there’s two things every girl should know: one, you are now his new
As part of the Date Explorer campaign we have asked fellow daters in other countries to share some insight into the
Whether you like it or not, looking and feeling French is the latest craze. If you look French, men will hold the
You’ve told your friends, you’ve introduced them to your family – and now the whole world knows just
As part of our newly launched Date Explorer campaign we have asked fellow daters in other countries to share some
“If I can have any impact, I want women to feel good about themselves and have fun with fashion” - Michelle Obama
When it comes to first dates, there was never a truer saying than first impressions count. According to a recent study,
When it comes to building a meaningful relationship, conversation is the fibre of a strong foundation. It pleases both
It’s a big question, and difficult to answer. Based on many years of dating experience, I’ve come to realise what
As part of our newly launched Date Explorer campaign we have asked fellow daters in other countries to share some
Whether the miles are stretching between you after a whirlwind holiday romance, or you’re starting a new chapter away
According to our recent survey, nearly three-quarters of UK singles feel that we could take a leaf or two from other
Our recent dating survey found that we Brits have a thing or two to learn from our foreign counterparts when it comes
I like to think that I have a fairly adventurous spirit. I’ve trekked in Rajasthan carrying my tent on my back,
Spring gets a pretty bad deal when it comes to romance - with people considering winter with its mulled wine or summer
Like certain sub-segments of society (only child, first-born, third-born...apparently I display very typical third
My night ended with my date watching on, in cautious speculation, as I almost completely tumbled off my own roof
This week, I went on a meet-up at Grand Union Bar in Brixton. On a Monday night! Suffice it to say, I am
Explore your city by cycle Dust down your bicycle, grab a map and explore the local area with your date. Cycling