Alternative London Date Ideas

There is a huge range of bars, cafes and restaurants to choose from when dating in London. But what if you’re looking for something different to do? Below are five ideas for alternative dates to try in the London area.

Horse Riding in Richmond Park

There’s something infinitely romantic about riding through the countryside on horseback, but just because you live in London, it doesn’t mean you can’t experience that feeling. Head to Richmond, one of London’s prettiest suburbs, and book a horse riding session for you and your date. Feel the wind in your hair as you gallop through the vast expanse of Richmond Park, and enjoy the wholesome outdoors – a riverside walk afterwards is a must.

Sail to Greenwich

For a London dating location that won’t disappoint, take one of the many river boats along the Thames to Greenwich, one of London’s gems and the home of the Greenwich Meridian Line. Your date will enjoy the markets and cafes around the village, and the stunning panoramic view from the top of the hill at Greenwich Park is perfect for an afternoon picnic. For stargazers, there’s also the Royal Observatory, with its fascinating glimpses into the cosmos.


With the freedom to pick up a ‘Boris bike’ at various Barclays cycle hire locations around London, you and your date could cycle around the many wonderful parks and gardens in the capital. A great way to bond through a sense of shared adventure, cycling will get your adrenaline pumping and should make for a fun-filled date. To escape the hustle and bustle of the city, try one of the Thames cycle routes, which will take you to some of the most picturesque sites.

Chocolate Making Course

Chocolate is traditionally associated with romance, and what better way to get acquainted with your date than to take them on a chocolate making course in one of the many cookery class venues in London. Doing something creative together will make sure that you don’t resort to your old dating habits in the usual London bars and restaurants. By mixing things up a bit and trying out activities further afield you can ensure that your dates are both fresh and exciting for both parties. Happy dating!

City Treasure Hunt

Put your thinking caps on, team-up with your date, and see the city a different way, with a treasure hunt on London’s streets. UK: The Game offer SMS treasure hunts in Covent Garden, Westminster and the City – perfect for a date – as you work together to solve clues and learn about the capital. A great way to see the sights, discover new things, and most importantly – to bond with your date!