My name is Nina. I’ve been contacted by the lovely people at to share an Asian dating perspective on this blog. Am I some sort of dating website guru?.. ummm NO! But I’ve def had my fair share of the good, the bad and the down right ugly when it comes to dating. Here’s my top five Asian dating tips…

1) If you don’t buy the ticket you won’t win the lottery

At Uni I would bump into this one guy pretty much every week. We’d chat a bit and he’d ask me out. He wasn’t really my type (I remember a big monobrow situation; in fact there was just a general teen-wolf thing going on). Anyway, after a few months of some cheeky banter and that line when I’d decline a date, I eventually thought why not? We only went on a few dates but they were far more enjoyable then I expected. So next time you’re umming and ahhing about someone, say yes and see what happens…


2) Tear up your check list (or at least re-evaluate)

Hey, we all have a check list whether we’re vocal about it or whether it’s subconscious. I was guilty of this one – my original checklist read like this: needs to be tall (I’m 5ft 9 so over was a must), dark, and handsome, have a good sense of humour, and be kind and caring with a good job. So half my list was pretty superficial hey? And guess what my husband is shorter than me…he was unemployed when we met. If I’d have stuck to my checklist I wouldn’t have even have gone on one date with him…


3) Be proactive when Asian dating

So this pearl of wisdom came from my Mum. I was having a moan about the dating drought I was experiencing a few years ago, and instead of the sympathy that I was after (thanks, Mum!) she said “well who are you going to meet sitting at home? Make an effort and go out.” Got to love Mums and their brutal honesty. And she was right. So all you guys are signed up to (good start!) Try talking to a few people and don’t just wait for people to say hello to you. Perhaps you could also sign up for one of the nights out?


4) Are you great boyfriend/girlfriend material?

We’ve been so accustomed to talking about what we want from a partner that it’s easy to forget that we have to be a good catch too! Ask your friends what your best and worst qualities are, as having self-awareness is such a plus point. Be someone that you’d want to date.


5) Dating should be fun

The last tip, and I think the most important, is such a simple one – forget games, forget the rules, forget your checklist – just be in the moment and have fun.


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