Is your dating technique letting you down? Take this quiz to find out if you’re a dream date or a dating disaster…

1. When was the last time you asked someone out?
a) Within the last month
b) Within the last year
c) Never

2. When was the last time you were asked out?
a) Within the last month
b) Within the last year
c) It’s so long ago I can’t remember.

3. How long does it take you to get ready for a date?
a) Half an hour
b) A couple of hours
c) As long as it takes. If I’m late, I’m late.

4. You get a text message from a friend while you’re out on a date. What do you do?
a) Ignore it
b) Nip to the toilets and reply
c) Reply straight away

5. How do you handle the conversation on a first date?
a) I just go with the flow
b) I always direct the conversation
c) I let my date come up with conversation topics

6. How soon do you call after the first date?
a) I give it a few days  
b) I don’t. I wait for them to call me.
c) Straight away. Why wait?

7. How much wine do you drink whilst out on a date?
a) A couple of glasses
b) None
c) A bottle or two

8. You’ve been asked out on a date to an expensive restaurant.  What do you order?
a) Something simple
b) The most expensive dish on the menu
c) Something I’m bound to make a mess of

9. When you get nervous you…
a) Laugh
b) Break into a sweat
c) Talk non-stop

10. A first date ends very well. What’s your next move?
a) Suggest meeting up again soon
b) Invite them back to your place
c) Talk about marriage kids and the future

11. Your date requests the bill, when it arrives you…
a) Offer to pay
b) Offer to go halves
c) Keep quiet

12. A first date is going very badly. What do you do?
a) See it through but make it clear you don’t want to see them again.
b) Make up an excuse and leave
c) Slip out the back door and run for it

Mostly as

Dream date
Well done, you’re courteous and entertaining company on a date. You’re polite but know how to put an end to things when they just don’t feel right. We haven’t got much to teach you. Just keep up the good work and you’re bound to meet a suitable match in the fullness of time.

Mostly bs
Good date

We wouldn’t quite say you’re a disaster but your dating technique could do with a few tweaks. Resist the urge to invite a date back to your place after just one date and try some breathing exercises to calm your nerves before heading out to meet someone new. It is possible to show you’re interested without being over-keen.

Mostly cs
Dating flop

The bad news is that you’re a dating flop. You don’t know how to go about getting a date and when you do, you almost always put your foot in it. The good news is that dating is an art which can be mastered. Ask friends for advice, do a little internet research and you’ll soon become pro.