Are you a dating fusspot?

 Is the reason you’re still single that you’re being too picky?

Is the reason you’re still single that you’re being too picky? Take our quiz to find out if you’re being too quick to dismiss or are over eager to settle for less than you deserve.

1) You’re out on a first date and you find yourself having to dominate the conversation because your companion doesn’t say much. What do you do?
a) Cut and run – my date is obviously boring.
b) Hardly notice you’re so busy chatting.
c) Ask questions and give them a chance to speak.

2) Would you consider dating someone with average looks?
a) No way.
b) Maybe.
c) Of course.

3) Do you have a checklist of criteria your ideal match must live up to?
a) Yes.
b) Kinda, but it’s flexible.
c) No.

4) What goes though your mind when browsing profiles on online dating sites?
a) Ugh! – they’ve all got something wrong with them.
b) I’ll only write to the ones with the best profile pics.
c) Wow! This is great. So many to choose from.

5) You’re about to go on a blind date. What are you thinking about on the way there?
a) My exit strategy.
b) How nice it will be to meet someone new.
c) Whether they’ll fancy you.

6) A friend offers to set you up with one of their mates. They sound perfect but you’ve heard that they’re a bit chubby. What do you do?
a) Refuse the offer. There’s no way you’re dating a porker.
b) Reluctantly agree to meet for a drink.
c) Jump at the chance. You like cuddly people.

7) A great first date ends with a very disappointing sloppy first kiss. What do you do?
a) Dump them there and then.
b) Feel disappointed, but agree to see them once more.
c) Look forward to conducting a few kissing tutorials in the near future.

8) Your date shows up over an hour late. What do you do?
a) Walk out just as they arrive, leaving them with the bill for that expensive champagne you’ve been angrily sipping.
b) Give them a hard time about it but agree to stay and have dinner so long as they pick up the bill.
c) Don’t mention it. We’ve all run a bit late from time to time.

9) You’re sad because you think one of your best friends is going out with someone who isn’t good enough for them. What do you do?
a) Tell them what you think.
b) Hint at your disapproval but don’t make a big deal out of it.
c) Keep your mouth shut. She’s lucky to have anyone at all.

10) You start dating someone who meets almost every criteria on your ideal match wish list. There’s just one thing, they’re divorced with children. Do you continue to see them?
a) No. It would just be too complicated.
b) Sure, there’s no need to get too serious yet. We’re just having fun.
c) Absolutely. We’ve all got baggage.

Mostly A’s
You’re a dating fusspot

We’re sorry to have to say it, but you’re your own worst enemy when it comes to finding love. We admire your steadfast determination but finding someone who meets your long list of criteria is a tall order.  Maybe it’s time you considered a compromising your choices a little. After all, nobody – not even you is perfect. Remember, people often end up loving someone for their imperfections as well as perfections. So next time a friend offers to hook you up with someone who doesn’t quite fit your ideal dating profile, don’t turn them down point blank. Even if they don’t seem quite right at first you may grow to like them. What have you got to lose?

Mostly B’s
You’re a healthy optimist

Well done, we admire your healthy attitude to dating and relationships. You’re aware that it takes more than just a couple of dates to really get to know a person, but you’re also keen not to waste anybody’s time if you sense things aren’t going to work out. You’re also very open-minded when it comes to dating and won’t rule anyone out until you’ve had a chance to get to know them properly. We’re impressed and confident that your well-balanced approach will soon reap you the rewards you so desire.

Mostly C’s
You’re over keen

The good news is that you’re certainly not a fusspot. But the bad news is that in your eagerness to find love, you could be settling for second best. You don’t need to be grateful that someone is willing to spend time with you. You deserve better. Lack of self-confidence seems to be your biggest downfall. Before you start dating again, spend some time improving your self-confidence and learning to love yourself. This will not only make you better company on a date but will also stop you from settling for the first guy/gal who seems willing to have you.
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