Are you too sexy for your date?

Is your sex appeal harming your love life? Take our quiz to find out!

So you reckon it’s impossible to be too rich, too thin or too sexy? Wrong, on all counts. Being too rich makes you uncool, being too thin makes you ugly, and being too sexy could do your love life more harm than good.
For example if you’re dating someone who ranks below you on the sexiness scale, watch them go mad with insecurity – and watch your relationship go belly-up. Or maybe you give off such overtly sexy signals that you terrify everyone within winking distance?

Take our quiz to find out if you’re so sexy it hurts.

1. How do you tell whether someone likes you or not?
a. Whether or not they can form entire sentences without choking on drool.
b. You’ve got pretty good at spotting the signs – leaning towards you, a touch on the arm and all that.
c. Whether or not they stay for breakfast.
d. You can never tell. Even when you’re going out with them.

2. How long does it take you to get ready for a first date?
a. Hardly any time – you’re pretty low-maintenance.
b. 10 minutes on a good day, or a lot longer on a bad hair or skin day.
c. An hour or two. By the time you’re finished in that bathroom, you’re hot enough to singe on contact.
d. You try not to take too long, so that you don’t have time to decide not to turn up.

3. Which of these first-date habits are you most prone to?
a. Enjoying yourself. According to your, this means that you’re “leading people on.”
b. Getting so into the conversation that you miss the last bus home.
c. Forgetting their name during sex.
d. Clamming up completely.

4. You turn up to meet a date, and they tell you you look gorgeous. You say…
a. Nothing – you just smile. It’s water off a duck’s back.
b. “Thank you.”
c. “You don’t look so bad yourself.”
d. Nothing – you just blush wildly and try not to snigger.

5. You’ve had a fantastic first date. How do you ensure that you see them again?
a. Ring to ask them out, and spend 10 minutes trying to persuade them that you’re serious.
b. Say “I’d love to see you again,” and let them make the next move.
c. Take them home and tie them to your bedposts.
d. Spend a whole week avoiding cracks in the pavement.

6. At a party you notice that you’re wearing exactly the same outfit as someone else. You…
a. Try not to look superior about the fact that you look 20 times better.
b. Have a laugh with your outfit-twin, then enjoy the rest of the party.
c. Make a few nips and tucks to give your outfit a sexy edge.
d. Run away and hope that no-one noticed you.

7. People often assume – unfairly – that you are…

a. Not interested in them.
b. Attached.
c. Having sex with everyone you meet.
d. A party pooper.

8. What do you receive most compliments about?
a. Your looks.
b. Your dry wit.
c. Your body.
d. Don’t be silly.

9. What do you receive most criticism about?
a. The fact that you “don’t need to make an effort,” apparently.
b. Your terrible memory.
c. Willingness to make lots of friends of the opposite sex.
d. Your lack of confidence.

10. What do you think is your sexiest physical feature?
a. Well, you hate your feet…
b. It changes according to your mood.
c. Your naked torso.
d. None of it. OK, you like your toes.

What your answers mean…

Mostly A: You’re terrifyingly sexy
You have an effortless sexiness that makes you lusted after and envied in equal measure. (Naturally gorgeous people always say “I hate my feet”.) So why isn’t your social life steaming hot? Probably because people assume that you’re out of their league. The solution is simple: be proactive, and  show people that you want to be with them. Your charisma will get you everywhere, but only if you add a little reassurance.

Mostly B: You’ve got it just right
You’re sexy, but not intimidatingly so… and you like yourself just the way you are. You’ve certainly got charisma, but not so much that you’re always the centre of attention, whether you want to be or not. You have bad hair days and general all-round blugh days, but you can also turn it on when you really want to.

Mostly C: You’re too overtly sexual
It’s not quite accurate to say that you’re terrifyingly sexy – but you’re certainly terrifying. You embrace your sexuality with open arms (and open… yes, OK) and that’s refreshing in many ways, but it can make you seem sex-obsessed and shallow. You can be fun in small doses, particularly when you’re in like-minded company, but your attention-grabbing physicality won’t win you many second dates. With true sexiness, less is more.

Mostly D: Your sexiness is killed by lack of confidence
It’s shyness, not sexiness, that’s damaging your dating prospects. Perhaps you grew up being told that modesty would get you everywhere, but as an adult you’re learning that that’s not the case. Self-confidence is the essence of sexiness and the bedrock of likeability. Be yourself, but love the person you are.