Are your friends holding you back from finding the one?

Take our quiz and find out

Take our quiz to find out if those closest to you could be hampering your search for love out of selfishness or jealousy.

1) How do your single friends react when you tell them you can’t go out on Saturday night because you’re meeting a date?
a) They’re always happy for me and wish me luck.
b) They kick up a fuss about how you always spend Saturday nights with them.
c) The accept it and continue with their plans regardless.

2) You’re excited and enthusiastic after a first date. How do your mates respond?
a) They get excited too and want to hear all the details.
b) They sound a bit wary and tell you not to get your hopes up.
c) They don’t seem all that interested and want to talk about themselves.

3) Someone you like and you’ve seen a couple of times hasn’t returned your texts and you’re considering calling them. When you ask your friends advice they:
a) Tell you to wait. You don’t want to be seen to be over-keen.
b) Tell you off for being so eager and tell yout hey’re not worth it.
c) Encourage you to text and help you work out what to say.

4) You’re out on the town with friends and you seem to be attracting plenty of attention from the opposite sex. How does your friend react?
a) They tell you that you’re on fire tonight.
b) They flounce home in a huff.
c) They muscle in on some of the action and start hogging the limelight.

5) You’ve been on a great first date but happen to mention to your friend that your date had a bad case of acne. What do they say?
a) “So what? Looks aren’t important. Don’t be so shallow.”
b) “Oh no!! You can’t date a pizzaface.”
c) “Ew. Acne’s a sign of poor hygiene you know. Gross!”

6) What would your friend do if a very good friend of theirs indicated they were interested in asking you out on a date?
a) Give them your number straightaway and tell them to call you.
b) Put them off by telling them they’re not your type.
c) Tell them that you’re already spoken for and move in for the kill themselves.

7) You bring your new partner out to meet your friend. How does your friend respond?
a) Makes an extra special effort to make them feel part of the group.
b) Pretty much ignores you both all night.
c) Starts flirting with them.

8) Later when you ask what they thought of your date, they reveal:
a) They love him and can’t wait to go out with the two of you again.
b) They tell you they think you can do so much better and start listing his faults.
c) They don’t think he’s right for you

Mostly a’s – Good friend
Lucky you. Your friends certainly arent holding you back from finding the one. They’re just the right combination of supportive and protective. They may ask you to exercise caution at times, but that’s just a sign of them being protective of you and your emotions. Good friends like this are hard to come by so be grateful and hang on to them!

Mostly b’s – Green eyed friend
Sounds like your friends could be sabotaging your search for the one.  All their behaviour is symptomatic of someone who doesn’t want to share you with someone new. They much prefer you when you’re single as you’re always available to them but is that really what you need? Don’t let a friend’s petty jealousies stand in the way of what could be your next great love.

Mostly c’s – Selfish friend
We hate to break it to you, but your friend’s actions seem to indicate that they don’t have a care in the world other than themselves. Unfortunately for you, that means they’re pretty keen on keeping you in your place and not allowing you to steal the limelight. Make a concerted effort not to let your friend’s desire to be centre of attention cramp your dating style. Consider spending some time apart from them, especially at the beginning of a new relationship.