Most new beauty products that have become popular here in Western countries actually originated from Asia. The Asian beauty market is booming with new products and tools, which have slowly began to move across to us (yay!). If you want to know the secrets for gorgeous skin and the top tips for flawless makeup, read our Asian beauty secrets below and you’ll be date ready in no time.

  1. BB cream

This breakthrough product changed the foundation and tint game. Hailed as the best product for adding that extra glow without any cakey-ness, BB creams took the western world by storm. If you’ve got a first date coming up, this will be a great product for a natural beautiful look. If you have any problem areas, dab a bit of concealer and dust with powder for an even complexion. Team your BB with mascara and a bold lip to get their hearts racing! This autumn, a dark brown matte lipstick is high on trend and will suit the majority of Asian skin tones.

You can find loads of different brand on the UK high street selling BB creams or go online to try the original Asian brands such as Etude House.

  1. Cushion foundation and blushes

If you want more coverage than a BB cream then the new foundation craze from Korea might just do the trick. Amore Pacific has created ‘air cushion technology’ which has weightless but buildable coverage. You can now purchase this Asian beauty secret in England thanks to Lancome. Use the cushion to effortlessly blend in the liquid foundation and blur out any imperfections. It’s your greatest weapon for a date.

If you’re in a hurry or want to take that bag which is too tiny to fit all your makeup brushes then this product is perfect. You can even get a cushion blush, great for after work dates if you need a quick touch up. Korean make up brand ‘Peripera’ offer a lovely range of colours to suit all skin tones.

  1. Snail lip treatment

Ever heard of a snail being described as slimy? We’re sure you have. But what we’re not sure about is if you’ve ever wished to smother that slime along your lips… Well, that’s what they’re doing over in Asia! The logic behind this wacky trick is that snails use their slime to repair damages from crawling over tough rocks. Apply a generous layer before your date to have plump kiss worthy lips. Your date won’t be able to resist.

  1. Face oil

You’ve probably heard of hair oil, but have you ever tried face oil? The thought of smearing oil on the face, blocking pores and looking greasy doesn’t sound too appealing. But, in actual fact, it’s an ingenious way to give your skin the moisture and nourishment it needs, exactly how it does for your hair. We recommend applying at night so the oil can really sink in and work its magic so in the morning you rise with the softest, youthful skin. It’s also great for halting the signs of ageing as dry skin creates more lines and dare we say it… wrinkles.