The Asian culture is one of the oldest in the world and so with it comes many traditions. We’ve been looking at the traditional beauty rituals which have been passed down through grandparents from generation to generation. When thinking of Asian makeup and beauty, you may picture dark black kajal eyeliners and deep red lipsticks. Which makes us wonder, what products are used to take the heavy makeup off at the end of the day and how can we get our skin just as glowing? Well, you’ll be glad to know that you can find most of these Asian secrets in your kitchen cupboard and they will get you date ready in no time.

Did you know Turmeric is used at Asian wedding celebrations?

This treasure on our list will be no surprise to most Asians. Turmeric is widely known for its beauty benefits, particularly for leaving a natural glow to the skin and getting rid of small pesky spots. Traditionally in Asian culture, turmeric is used during the pre- wedding celebrations, and the bride to be will be rubbed with Turmeric on her arms, legs, feet and face by relatives to achieve a healthy luminosity before the big day. If you’ve got a date coming up, try mixing it with milk and dab under the eyes, then say goodbye to wrinkles! Just remember to wash it all off before your date arrives so you don’t look like one of the Simpsons!

Try an Asian inspired yogurt face mask

Curd is an ancient Asian ingredient to anti-ageing, but the thought of putting curd on your face may not be too appealing. For a more updated version, you can simply use yogurt instead. The lactic acid helps hydrate the skin and is especially helpful if you’ve stayed out in the sun for too long. It’s a classic Asian trick, and there are plenty of yogurt DIY face mask recipes online for you to check out if you don’t believe us. Forget premium skin care and head to the dairy aisle.

Exfoliate with gram flour to get date ready

Gram flour is an old fashioned, staple cooking food in Asian culture but also one of the best body exfoliates. Keep a small jar in your bathroom and mix with water when you bathe to get yourself squeaky clean and smooth all over. Your date will definitely appreciate the super soft skin it leaves behind. Also, if you have troublesome oily skin, gram flour is also great for absorbing excess oils and preventing breakouts.

Treat yourself to a saffron infused Asian facial toner

Saffron is known as the most expensive spice in the world, so it’s a good idea to get the most out of it by using it in different ways. This may sound odd to the sun chasers amongst us, but Asians typically use saffron to get rid of unwanted tans. It’s also known for its brightening and toning benefits when combined with rose water and swiped around the face with a cotton ball. A perfect quick fix solution if you feel a little drained and need to get date-ready fast.

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