Got an Asian date coming up? We’re breaking down the stereotypes so you don’t get left embarrassed. Remember our tips below to make the most of your date.

  1. ‘Shall we go for a curry?’ doesn’t have to be the only dinner suggestion. Yes, we love curries but we branch out into different cuisines too. Italian, Mexican… anything you can think off. Just make sure the restaurant provides chilli sauce for your Asian date.


  1. We enjoy Hollywood blockbusters as well as full- singing, full- dancing Bollywood movie marathons. Bollywood movies can be long, which is why most come with an intermission. But Bollywood doesn’t have to be the only option. We love all genres of cinema, especially catching the latest chick flick or horror – so a cinema trip for two could be the perfect next activity for your Asian date?


  1. Unfortunately, we can’t do the screw the lightbulb dance as good as the actors in Bollywood movies. Sadly, we didn’t all inherit the bhangra gene. I for one dance like I have two left feet and need to practice the art of shaking my hips like a belly dancer.


  1. We’re not all conservative. Most of us like to drink alcohol and enjoy clubbing – I know, rebels right? Most Asian parents have warmed up to western social norms. Which means we don’t have set curfews or dads waiting up for us.


  1. Don’t expect to be invited round for Sunday lunch straightaway. Meeting the family is generally a big deal in Asian dating culture. But don’t worry, the walk down the drive is not seen as a walk down the aisle.


  1. If you do manage to get an invite, come on an empty stomach. You may leave feeling like you have been served 11 courses. We like hearty meals which are usually finished off with a cup of chai. Refusing food is a major no-no.


  1. We don’t all come from a big Asian family. Basically, every elder Indian is your ‘uncle’ or ‘auntie’, however there’s no actual blood relation. So, our families may seem huge but it’s all an illusion made up of random people.


  1. We can’t all make perfectly round roti’s like the curry house down the road. Practice doesn’t always make perfect. We do try but it’s mostly the dough or the rolling pin’s fault…